Uber UK Forces its Drivers to Have a Little Rest

Uber sort of has and also sort of hasn't admitted some of its drivers are pushing themselves too hard in order to earn a decent wage, as the minicab business has begun restricting the number of consecutive hours its UK drivers can work. Read More >>

Uber Rivals Keep Jobs But Earn Less

Researchers looking at Uber's disruption of the taxi industry have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that it's created more driving jobs and hasn't led to mass redundancies among its existing rivals, but the bad news is that drivers from competing firms are now earning less than they used to. Read More >>

Learner Drivers Might Soon be Allowed on the Motorways

Transport Minister Andrew Jones has had an idea about how to make the roads safer -- let learner drives loose on the motorways. What can possibly go wrong? Read More >>

Chinese Drivers Wage War on Full Beam Followers With Horror Decals

Drivers in China are angry all the time too! But it's not cyclists they fantasise about smashing into ditches, it's other drivers driving behind them at night with their headlights on full beam that's the #1 road rage trigger out there. Hence the invention of some horror decals that are only visible when the driver behind has got his or her headlights turned to max. Read More >>

Your Car Insurance Could be Halved When Driverless Cars Roll Out

Self-driving cars may have one big benefit for all drivers, in the form of reduced insurance premiums. Numbers suggest the average driver might save around £265 a month on insurance fees once cars take some of the controls away from us easily distracted humans. Read More >>

Driver Panicked When Car Radio Identified Music Track as “Fire”

The Highways Agency has joined in with the list feature action, revealing some of the bonkers excuses made by drivers for being caught parked up on the motorway hard shoulder. You won't believe #4 etc etc. Read More >>

Police Force Introduces Text-to-Grass Drink Driving Report Line

Police in Lincolnshire have launched a text-based reporting system, designed to let vigilant members of the public send in the details of people they suspect may be likely to get in their cars after more than the legal number of drinks. Read More >>

Government Offers Towns £10m to Pioneer Driverless Vehicles

Part of the chancellor’s National Infrastructure Plan announced during yesterday's Autumn Statement asks for a town to offer itself up as a test bed for driverless vehicles, with a kitty of £10m on offer to help transition one area to an autonomous vehicle future. Read More >>

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Watch This Dumbass Driver on His Mobile Get Exactly What He Deserves

Traffic jams are annoying enough on their own, but they're even worse when they're caused by a complete idiot. This Russian man takes a little initiative by dispensing some righteous road justice. Not to the driver that caused the mess, but to the driver's mobile. Read More >>

No New Raspberry Pi Models in 2013, Just Optimisations for the Original

One of the key drivers behind the Raspberry Pi project has said there won't be any new spec Pi hardware this year, as he doesn't want to abandon current users and make them feel like they've already been gazumped by newer models. What an amazing rarity in the tech world. Read More >>

Is Apple Finally Going to Bust Out New Mac Pros?

Almost everything in Apple's line-up got a refresh this year, everything apart from the much-loved but seemingly rejected Mac Pro that is. But it seems like the cards might be changing for the once-king of the video editors' pile, as new graphics card support in the beta of OS X 10.8.3 hints strongly that this might be the Mac Pro's time, at last. Read More >>

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This Is Why You Shouldn’t Drive Like an Absolute Tool, Even If You Do Have a Nice Car

Boy racers are bad enough when they get behind the wheel of their first crap-box, but then they grow up and buy expensive, fast cars, and it all gets a hell of a lot worse. BMW M3 drivers are notorious; this stupid idiot shows us just why, and gets what he deserves. Read More >>

The Beautiful Video Game That Drives NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover

So MSL Curiosity has landed. It survived the seven minutes of terror and safely touched down on the surface of Mars -- a miracle in its own right. Now that it's there, it needs a way to move around. Anyone who played Lunar Lander and Moon Patrol already knows how they're going to do this: video games. Read More >>

Faulty Ambulance Satnav Contributed to Boy’s Death

Poor little Corey Seymore, aged nine, suffered heart failure after an asthma attack in his home. Delays in the arrival of the ambulance, which were blamed on a faulty satnav device, were one of the reasons he died. Read More >>