Android R Will Have Support for ID Cards Built In

Over the past few years mobile companies have been trying to do away with the wallet, letting you use your phone as a credit card, loyalty card, and other stuff like that. But the wallet is still around, mainly because the phone can't do anything. Naturally, though, they're working on that, and it's just been confirmed that the upcoming Android R will support digital IDs. Read More >>

UK’s Digital Driving Licences Coming to Apple Wallet Users

Oliver Morley, the CEO of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has tweeted a picture of a prototype digital driving licence on the Apple Wallet app. Described by Morley as “something we’re working on,” it’s being reported that the digital document will be an add-on, rather than a replacement for, the hard copy, probably to prevent illegal drivers from falling back on the 'my phone's dead' excuse whenever they were pulled over. Read More >>