Transport Department Notices Smartphones Exist and Plans Law Change

Someone important at the Department for Transport must've been upgraded to an iPhone recently, as the government department has belatedly decided it's time to change the law to better restrict the use of smartphones while in charge of a leasehold motorised vehicle. Read More >>

Microsoft Made a Smartphone App That Can Administer Driving Tests Without an Instructor

The most nerve-wracking part of taking the road test for your driver’s license isn’t remembering to check your blind spots; it’s the instructor in the passenger seat silently judging you the entire time. Such tests will soon be less stressful in India where Microsoft Research has developed an app that can administer a driving test by monitoring the driver’s performance with a smartphone. Read More >>

MPs Asked to Ban Hands-Free Mobile Use While Driving

People with cars clever enough to connect to their mobiles and intercept calls like you're piloting a starship Enterprise shuttle rather than a Skoda Octavia may end up not being able to do so in the future, as a safety-themed committee of MPs has recommended expanding the list of things you can't do with your phone while driving to include talking on it – even in hands-free mode. Read More >>

Police Are Going to Start Testing Drivers’ Eyesight by the Side of the Road

If you get pulled over by the police, generally speaking they'll make sure the car you're driving is yours, that you have got a valid licence, and in some cases they'll test to make sure you're not too drunk to be legally driving. Now, though, they may be checking to see if your eyesight is good enough, because if it's not they'll be taking your driving licence off you. Read More >>

Phone Signal Scanners to Remind Drivers Not to Call-and-Drive

Norwich is about to open up a new front in the war on imbeciles talking on their fun devices while in charge of massive metallic battering rams, with a trial scanner able to detect mobile phone call signals installed to warn drivers to put it down and pay more attention to the road and humans instead of live notifications about sports. Read More >>

Today’s the Day Learner Drivers Can Drive on the Motorway

There are a lot of people who don't know a damn thing about driving on the motorway, which I assume is why we end up with so many people who camp out in the middle lane and refuse to budge. Sure new drivers can take Pass Plus, and get a bit of an insurance discount in the process, but not everyone takes advantage of that. The good news is that today is the day learners can start having lessons on the motorway, and get some much-needed practice in. Read More >>

Man Averages 90mph in Illegal-But-Impressive Country Race Run

A man and his mate in a modded Audi are the new holders of the unofficial Land's End to John O'Groats route time record, although in covering the distance in nine hours and 36 minutes they averaged a speed of nearly 90mph -- so perhaps ought to be considered dangerous lunatics rather than modern touring heroes. Read More >>

US Uber Driver Accidentally Turns Onto Pedestrian Staircase, and Down He Goes

An Uber car took an ill-advised turn in San Francisco, California on Monday and ended up stuck on a concrete staircase with nowhere to go outside a Safeway supermarket. Read More >>

Kids Not Allowed to Drive are Being Banned From Driving

Analysis of the number of driving bans handed out in the UK last year has revealed that a huge number of kids are getting caught behind the wheels of cars, then finding themselves banned from doing something they're not supposed to be doing anyway. Read More >>

France Could Fine Smartphone Use While Driving, Even if You’re Parked Up

Apparently France is having an issue with car accidents at the moment, so it's taken to blaming everyone's favourite scapegoats. No, not millennials, the smartphone. A French court has declared it's illegal use a smartphone while you're sitting in the drivers's seat of a car, even if you've pulled over somewhere safe. Read More >>

Teens Abandon Car Ownership Fantasy

Stats looking at the numbers of driving licences held by young people appear to suggest that the roads of the future might start magically emptying of traffic all by themselves, with 40 per cent fewer teenagers holding a driving licence now than 20 years ago. Read More >>

Jaguars Are Self-Driving a Few Hundred Yards of Coventry’s Roads

Jaguar Land Rover claims to have achieved the nationwide first of running fully autonomous cars on public UK roads, with one of the cars it's co-developing as part of self-driving consortium UK Autodrive managing to mingle with everyday traffic, adhere to the rules and not trigger anything bad. Read More >>

Traffic Lights are Coming to a Motorway Near You

Highways England wants to do something about all the congestion on the motorways, so it's doing the most sensible thing possible. No, not improving public transport or building more motorways, it's introducing traffic lights for the first time ever. Read More >>

The Uber App Will Stop UK Drivers From Working Excessive Hours

Uber has been facing a lot of criticism, particularly since it lost its licence to operate within London. Now, though, one of those criticisms is being dealt with, because the app will stop UK drivers from working excessive hours. Read More >>

electric cars
Nissan Leaf 2018: Tokyo Launch Unveils Sleek Design, Better Range & Self-Parking

The Nissan Leaf - the world's most popular all-electric car - got a major upgrade at a bustling event in Yokohama, Japan this morning. We elbowed our way through the massive crowd of excitable dudes in suits to bring you the latest about one of the most promising mainstream EVs yet. Read More >>