Jaguars Are Self-Driving a Few Hundred Yards of Coventry’s Roads

Jaguar Land Rover claims to have achieved the nationwide first of running fully autonomous cars on public UK roads, with one of the cars it's co-developing as part of self-driving consortium UK Autodrive managing to mingle with everyday traffic, adhere to the rules and not trigger anything bad. Read More >>

Traffic Lights are Coming to a Motorway Near You

Highways England wants to do something about all the congestion on the motorways, so it's doing the most sensible thing possible. No, not improving public transport or building more motorways, it's introducing traffic lights for the first time ever. Read More >>

The Uber App Will Stop UK Drivers From Working Excessive Hours

Uber has been facing a lot of criticism, particularly since it lost its licence to operate within London. Now, though, one of those criticisms is being dealt with, because the app will stop UK drivers from working excessive hours. Read More >>

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Nissan Leaf 2018: Tokyo Launch Unveils Sleek Design, Better Range & Self-Parking

The Nissan Leaf - the world's most popular all-electric car - got a major upgrade at a bustling event in Yokohama, Japan this morning. We elbowed our way through the massive crowd of excitable dudes in suits to bring you the latest about one of the most promising mainstream EVs yet. Read More >>

Uber launches New Driver Features in the UK, Including Tipping

Last week Uber announced that was launching an in-app chat-service to let drivers and passengers better communicate. This week it's revealed that a bunch more driver features are on the way - including tipping. Read More >>

Learner Drivers Are Heading to British Motorways for the First Time

In news that will likely make many a driver scream, the Transport Secretary has announced that learners will be allowed to take lessons on the motorway for the first time ever. Read More >>

Driver Caught Doing 60 With a Phone in Each Hand

Some nutjob with two phones was caught using both of them while driving at 60mph, with police handing him a fine for being really quite stupid. Read More >>

Self-Driving Car Problem SOLVED… by Man in Car Seat Costume

An amazing new self-driving car was spotted out and about in the US over the weekend, and it stunned pedestrians by appearing to follow the rules of the road, not shit itself about shadows and balloons, while also appearing to be a normal vehicle without cameras and sensors all over it. Read More >>

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How to Put Together the Perfect In-Car Setup for Your Phone

When you’re on the road, your phone can be the perfect companion—as long as you’ve got it set up right. Here we’ll explain everything you need to know about the hardware and the apps you can install to get a sweet and safe in-car system up and running, powered by your phone. Read More >>

The Kids Don’t Dream of a Driving Licence Any More

Stats that record the number of young people that are putting their phones down for long enough to learn how to drive show that car ownership fantasies are on the decline, with nearly 20 per cent fewer 17-to-25-year-olds taking their driving tests now than a decade ago. Read More >>

PAYD Could Replace London’s Congestion Charge

London's mayor has revealed a new transport policy initiative that wants to make car drivers feel even less welcome in the centre of town -- potentially paying by the mile. Read More >>

6,000 Drivers Caught on Their Phones in a Month

The thrilling modern extreme sport of driving while paying attention to a screen on your lap is still thriving in the UK, with stats showing that 6,000 drivers were fined for using their phones while driving in the month after fines for doing so rose to £200. Read More >>

Gran Accidentally Drives 300 Miles

An elderly driver had an impromptu holiday to Scotland last week, after local roadworks interrupted her six-mile trip to a hospital in Worcester and sent her out onto the motorway. She then continued driving -- for EIGHT HOURS. Read More >>

Nissan Turns To Faraday Cages To Stop Fools Texting While Driving

Nissan has designed a prototype smartphone vault for the armrest of its Juke crossover car, which uses a Faraday cage to block all signals to the phone (yep, even Bluetooth and WiFi). Read More >>

TfL’s Planning To Extend The Congestion Charge To Weekends, Says LBC

According to LBC, soon the only day you'll be able to drive into central London without paying the Congestion Charge will be Sunday. Read More >>