Ebooks Purchased From Microsoft Will Be Deleted This Month Because You Don’t Really Own Anything Anymore

Anyone who bought ebooks through the Microsoft Store is in for a rude shock in the coming days. The good news? You can get a refund. The bad news? All of your books are going to be deleted this month. Read More >>

Kodi’s Added DRM Support to Make Itself More Appealing to Publishers

For a lot of people DRM is a dirty word, with some considering it a futile attempt to try and stop piracy in a way that makes life difficult for legitimate users. But for publishers of content Digital Rights Management is an important tool in their arsenal, and the fact that Kodi's latest version has added support for it is going to make the open source media player a lot more appealing. Read More >>

HP Apologises for Breaking People’s Printers on Purpose

HP is apologising for deliberately pushing a software update to customer’s printers that would prevent them from working with non-HP ink. Read More >>

Chrome Bug Makes It Easy to Download Movies From Netflix and Amazon Prime

For the past decade, Hollywood’s battle against online pirates has been mainly been focused on leaked DVD screeners and illegal streaming sites. Now a pair of security researchers say they’ve discovered a vulnerability in the Google Chrome browser that allows people to save illegal copies of movies from streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Read More >>

SlySoft, Makers Of AnyDVD, Shut Down After ‘Regulatory’ Pressure

SlySoft, best known for its DRM circumvention software AnyDVD, appears to have shut down operations, going by the terse message left on its website. “Recent regulatory requirements” are apparently the reason for the closure. Read More >>

All 2000AD Comics Are Now Available DRM Free

If you ever meet someone who claims that they love DRM and that it's absolutely the right thing or digital content, they're either a liar or they're being paid to say it. Nobody likes DRM, and 2000AD, publisher of Judge Dredd, has taken note. Read More >>

It’s Perfectly Legal to Tell People How to Remove DRM in the US

Telling users how to strip the DRM from their legally purchased ebooks is not contributory copyright infringement in the US, according to a ruling last month by a federal judge in New York. Read More >>

You Can Finally Download DRM-Free Comic Book Backups From Comixology

The biggest digital comic book distributor in all of digital comics land, Comixology, just took a relatively unprecedented move for a platform its size. Customers will now be able to download DRM-free backups, meaning when you buy a book, you'll finally get to own it, too. Read More >>

So Long, Open Web: Mozilla Accepts Closed Source DRM and We All Lose

It's official: the last holdout for the open web has fallen. Flanked on all sides by Google, Microsoft, Opera, and (it appears) Safari's support and promotion of the EME DRM-in-HTML standard, Mozilla is giving in to pressure from Hollywood, Netflix, et al, and will be implementing its own third-party version of DRM. It will be rolled out in Desktop Firefox later this year. Mozilla's CTO, Andreas Gal, says that Mozilla "has little choice." Mozilla's Chair, Mitchell Baker adds, "Mozilla cannot change the industry on DRM at this point." Read More >>

A New Study Says You Sell More Music if You Get Rid of Content Locks

Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems are used on things like ebook and movie files to make them more difficult to share. During the Napster era the major record labels got on board with DRMs in a big way hoping that they could reduce piracy by locking their music files down. But a new study shows what we've all thought for a long time: It doesn't help. And in fact DRM hurt sales. Read More >>

Travellers Beware: Google Play Might Delete All Your Books

It's easy to forget that owning something digitally is way different from owning it for real. And if you do forget, it can bite you in the ass. That's what happened to Jim O'Donnell when he traveled into Singapore and found that Google Play Books app on his iPad had up and deleted all his ebooks. Read More >>

Does Microsoft’s Xbox One DRM U-Turn Make You Want to Buy It?

There are two ways you can look at the whole Microsoft dumping its Xbox One draconian always-on DRM thing. One, it's amazing, the best news ever -- down with DRM. But there's also the opinion that Microsoft backing down has damaged the future of console gaming. Me? I'm not so sure. But what do you think? Read More >>