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Dizzying Video Proves Drone Racing Pilots Have Super-Human Abilities

Do you remember the first time you tried flying a drone? And almost immediately crashed it into a wall? Experiences like that make it hard to believe that professional drone racers are able to pilot their tiny crafts at such impossible speeds without having some kind of super-human, X-men like powers. Read More >>

This Unbreakable Racing Drone is Perfect for Terrible Pilots

There’s a reason nature uses eggs to protect offspring who develop outside their mothers. Domes are inherently strong and durable, so it also makes sense to build a drone with a similarly bulbous shape to help it survive crashes, collisions, and other accidents when an amateur pilot is at the controls. Read More >>

Air Hogs Tweaked the Helix to Be a Cheap Way to Get into Drone Racing

It may not be televised on Sky Sports yet, but one day drone racing will undoubtedly be a popular spectator sport. And if you want to get in on the ground floor, Spin Master has come up with a cheap way for amateur pilots to get racing experience, without losing an expensive drone in the process. Read More >>

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First-Person-View Drone Racing Looks All Kinds of Fun

Combine two up-and-coming technologies — virtual reality and quadrotors — add an abandoned warehouse, tell OSHA to piss off, and you’ve got the recipe for first-person-view drone racing, aka the most fun you can have with your clothes on Read More >>