Mystery Drone Still on the Loose at Gatwick Airport, But Flights Resume Anyway

Flights have resumed at London’s Gatwick Airport after a full day of cancellations yesterday due to a mysterious drone that was spotted repeatedly in the area. Flying drones near an airport is illegal because flights are unable to take off and land due to possible collisions. The military was even called out to search for the drone operator, but they still have no idea who’s behind this deliberate disruption of a major transportation hub. Read More >>

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Drone Video Shows Postal Worker Still Delivering The Post in Neighbourhood Ravaged by Wildfire

Wildfires have consumed over 170,000 acres in California since Sunday and thousands have taken refuge in shelters as their homes have burned. But for the United States Postal Service, the deliveries must go on. In a devastated neighbourhood in Santa Rosa, a professional drone cinematographer caught this astonishing footage of one mail carrier’s surreal shift. Read More >>

uVue Just Successfully Tested the First 5G-Controlled Drone

5G is being lauded as a miracle tech at the moment, promising a great many things like superior mobile broadband and massive improvements to IoT tech. Add one more thing to the list, because uVue has now successfully carried out drone flights remotely controlled via a 5G connection. Read More >>

China Tells the U.S. It Can Have Its Dumb Submarine Back

On Thursday, China seized an unmanned sub in the South China Sea that belonged to the U.S. Navy. Following a diplomatic complaint from the Pentagon, China now says it will return the vessel and that Americans were “hyping up” an incident that’s really no big deal. Read More >>

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Watch Police Spray Pipeline Protesters With Water Cannons in Freezing Weather

Police launched tear gas and water cannons at 400 people protesting the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline this weekend. Drone footage shows the water cannons being sprayed at protesters in freezing cold temperatures. Eventually, police tried to shoot down the drone with said water cannons. Read More >>

Replacing Fireworks With 500 Drones is Brilliant and Very Annoying

Fireworks are dangerous, loud and can only be used once – that’s what makes them fun. Intel has just made its intentions clear that it wants to completely ruin that fun with its small quadcopters that it calls Shooting Stars. Unfortunately, that’s probably a good idea. Read More >>

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Hauntingly Beautiful Drone Footage of a Boat Graveyard

Where do boats go when they’re no longer fit for the high seas? As it happens, they go to Staten Island. Read More >>

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Drone Footage Shows the Earthquakes in Italy Were Far Worse Than Anyone Thought

Yesterday, a massive 6.1 magnitude earthquake rocked central Italy. It was followed by nearly 200 aftershocks, devastating whole towns and burying residents under rubble. Over 4,000 rescuers have been dispatched and the death toll has jumped to 247, the BBC reports. Read More >>

The Half Life 2 City Scanner Comes to Life With a Sweet Drone Mod

Modder Valplushka gave a thorough overhaul to a quadcopter and brought to life the single most annoying enemy in Half-Life 2. All this time, the dystopian haunts of City 17 were just a town in modern day Russia. Read More >>

A Drone Hit a Passenger Plane and Nothing Happened

Earlier today, a British Airways pilot on approach to London Heathrow said that he thought he collided with a drone. It’s the nightmare pilots (and drone operators) fear the most, but according to British Airways, the plane didn’t get a scratch. Read More >>

New Drone Footage Shows the Progress of Apple’s Pile of Mud

Construction is continuing at speed on Apple’s new campus, and a new 4K drone video shows off the construction work (and Apple’s shiny new hill) like never before. Read More >>

Climbing a 1,500-Foot Radio Tower Without Safety Gear Is Stupid for So Many Reasons

Climbing something this high is concerning to begin with, but intentionally doing it without safety equipment borders on suicidal. Read More >>

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This Transforming Imperial Shuttle Drone Looks Like an Actual Scene From Star Wars

Turning quadcopters into vehicles from the Star Wars universe is a popular pastime on the internet. Everything from TIE Fighters, to the Falcon, to even R2-D2 have taken flight. But none have been as convincing as Adam Woodworth’s Imperial Shuttle quadcopter with wings that actually retract. Read More >>