US Air Force Releases Video of New Combat Drone, the XQ-58A Valkyrie

The U.S. Air Force has released the first images of its latest combat drone, the XQ-58A Valkyrie. The new aircraft, which went from concept to first test flight in 2.5 years, “behaved as expected” on its first test flight this week, according to the Air Force. Read More >>

Trump Rescinds Policy of Reporting Civilian Deaths by Drone Strike

The head of the US intelligence community is no longer required to publish an annual report detailing the number of civilians and enemy combatants killed in US drone strikes abroad. Read More >>

Judge Orders Destruction of Severn Bridge Climber’s Drone

A content-generating man has been officially branded a public nuisance by a court, after he was caught climbing the Severn Bridge with a drone and a mind full of excuses. Read More >>

Good Old “Disgruntled Employee” Theory Attached to Gatwick Drone Attacker

Investigators from Sussex Police and helpers from the government have leaked their current thinking on last year's Gatwick shutdown, with investigators now leaning towards blaming a furious former or perhaps current employee for causing the aerial melt. Read More >>

It’ll Soon Be Illegal to Fly a Drone Within Three Miles of an Airport

The government has announced that it'll be illegal to faff about with drones within a three-mile radius of UK airports, after some plonker at Gatwick messed up everyone's holidays. Read More >>

Dubai Airport Suspends Flights Due to Real/Imaginary Drone Sightings

The drone menace has gone international, with flights at Dubai International Airport – only home to the world's busiest international terminals – suspended this morning due to reports of rogue drones in the area. Read More >>

DJI is Updating its Geofencing to Keep Your Drones Away From Airport Runways

DJI would prefer its drones didn't stop you getting on your flight, so it's updating the geofencing system it uses to stop urchins flying drones where they shouldn't be. Read More >>

Ordnance Survey To Map The Earth From A Big Drone

British mapping institution Ordnance Survey is sending a massive drone into the skies to take high-res photos of Earth. Read More >>

The US Army Is Developing a Grenade That Nabs Drones With A Net

Recent flight delays at airports in the US and UK have given us a glimpse at the threats and the headaches that drones can cause. In the days leading up to the recent Super Bowl, the US Federal Aviation Administration and the FBI warned the public repeatedly against flying drones near the stadium because the authorities view them as safety hazards and potential terrorist threats. Read More >>

Definitely Do Not Try to Fly a Drone Above the Super Bowl

The FBI is cautioning drone pilots against flying them anywhere near the site of the Super Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia – not only on game day but leading up to it as well. Read More >>

This Startup Backed by Bill Gates Is Gunning to Test Its Anti-Drone Radar at the Super Bowl

Civilian use of drones in sensitive airspaces have recently been causing major issues and flight delays at airports in the UK and US. After flights were grounded at Gatwick Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport in the US state of New Jersey over drone scares, there’s a growing market for technology that can prevent such disruptions. Read More >>

Reports of Drones Flying Near Airports Ground Flights Yet Again, This Time at Newark Liberty

In an incident similar to ones which shut down the UK’s Gatwick Airport before Christmas last month and another at Heathrow in early January, Newark Liberty International Airport grounded all departing and incoming flights on Tuesday after two pilots spotted a drone. Read More >>

Drone Maker DJI Says Employee Accounting Scheme Cost It Over £110 Million

DJI is the latest tech company to fall victim to vendor corruption in China. On Monday, it acknowledged that a group of employees had managed to inflate the costs of parts in order to funnel away profits for their own benefit. The privately-owned drone maker estimated that the scheme cost it an astonishing £113 million. Read More >>

Can Drones Be Good?

It was a cool day in Dallas last November, when a small quadcopter lifted itself off the ground of an American Airlines hangar and buzzed towards a Boeing 777. The drone, a DJI Mavic Enterprise, had been outfitted with a spotlight, but otherwise looked a lot like what you might see your neighbour flying in the backyard. The remarkable difference was that this particular aircraft had been programmed to inspect the hull of the much larger aircraft, the jet. It could do in a matter of minutes what it would take a maintenance crew hours to do. It was, in its own way, a tiny flying robot with a job. Read More >>

Drone Expert Obviously Saw the Gatwick Shutdown Coming

A prominently placed industry insider within the drone universe saw all the Gatwick fuss coming, he says, adding that Gatwick should've done more to prevent the airport outage from happening and really ought to have got up and running again in less than three days. Read More >>