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Thousands of Top AI Experts Vow to Never Build Lethal Autonomous Weapons

Hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals, many of them researchers and engineers prominent in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence, vowed on Wednesday never to apply their skills toward the creation of autonomous killing machines. Read More >>

MQ-9B Drone Is First ‘Civilian-Registered’ Remotely Piloted Aircraft to Cross Atlantic

The first “civilian-registered” remotely piloted drone to ever make a flight across the Atlantic landed at 6:43pm in RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire last Wednesday after taking off from Grand Forks in the US state of North Dakota last Tuesday, the BBC reported, after travelling nearly 3,800 miles. Read More >>

Aston Martin Says/Pretends it’s Developing a Posh Flying Super-EV Drone

British luxury car brand Aston Martin would like the world to think it's branching out into electric drones, and has to that end released a pile of pretty looking renders of a thing it calls the Volante Vision Concept -- an electric drone that the unimaginably rich people of the 2020s might begin to imagine having at their disposal to get from Waitrose to Costa without having to steer around your Corsa. Read More >>

Facebook Scraps Plans to Build Its Own Massive Internet Drones for Its Aquila Project

Facebook has abandoned a key portion of its Aquila project, an effort to build solar-powered, passenger jet-sized drones that would wirelessly connect parts of the developing world to the internet, Business Insider reported on Tuesday. Read More >>

DJI and Taser Maker Axon Are Teaming up to Make Police Drones

Last week, Axon announced it is partnering with drone-maker DJI to sell surveillance drones to U.S. police departments through a program dubbed “Axon Air.” The Taser and body camera manufacturer will work with DJI to offer drones linked to, Axon’s proprietary cloud-based data management system. The footage recorded by Axon’s body cameras is handled via the system. Read More >>

Parrot’s New Foldable Drone Can Nail Some Crazy Shooting Angles

Yesterday, drone manufacturer Parrot announced the newest addition to its quadcopter family. The new model, the £630 Anafi, is seemingly Parrot’s answer to the folding DJI Mavic Air. It’s small, shoots 4K HDR video, and and can do a few cool tricks with its gimbal-mounted camera. But when it comes to additional features, it doesn’t really do much to threaten the entrenched competition. Read More >>

Watch This Pilot’s Frantic Dash to Save His Dying Drone From Drowning in a Lake

It’s the fear of anyone who’s ever spent hundreds of pounds on a drone. You’re out flying, capturing beautiful footage of a lake, when suddenly the battery on your craft begins to die, and the drone starts its pre-programmed slow descent to what should be a safe landing—except that it’s over water. Dave Svorking found himself in that exact situation, but was determined not to lose his expensive toy. Read More >>

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Flying, Hands-Free Umbrellas Just Might Be the Perfect Use For Drones

I’m impressed by the technological leaps and bounds that drones have made over the past few years, but until today, I haven’t had much interest in owning one. I have no need for aerial photography, and I’m happy to leave racing through psychedelic neon courses to the pros. But a hands-free umbrella that autonomously follows me through the rain? This is a technological breakthrough I can use. Read More >>

Drone Users are *This* Close to Having to Pass an Online Pilot Proficiency Test

It's no secret that the government has it in for drones, or rather the people who think they can fly drones wherever they like and leave chaos in their wake. It's been gunning for there to be some sort of proficiency test for would-be drone pilots to make sure they understand how to use them safely. Well today the government has announced a bunch of new rules that will crack down on reckless drone flight. Read More >>

A Drone Company Allegedly Brought a Bomb on a Commercial Flight and Fired an Employee for Reporting It

Today in absolutely bonkers allegations, a recently filed lawsuit claims American drone maker AeroVironment transported explosives on a commercial flight and then attempted to cover it up by firing an employee for reporting the incident to the US government. Read More >>

A Record-Breaking Drone Show Ended With Quadcopters Falling From the Sky

This weekend, the city of Xi’an, capital of Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province, was host to a record-breaking drone performance, even larger than Intel’s 1,218-drone performance during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics. And while drone maker Ehang Egret nailed the first showing, its second go-round a few days later wasn’t as smooth. And by “wasn’t as smooth,” I mean a couple of drones fell out of the damn sky. Read More >>

DJI Releases Security Findings It Hopes Will Quash ‘Chinese Spying’ Fears

The world’s largest consumer drone maker is pushing back amid swelling concerns that its applications may be insecure, as well as rumours that it may be transmitting sensitive user data to China, where the company was founded more than a decade ago. Read More >>

Heathrow Drone Near-Miss Was Nearest Miss Yet

A plane taking off from Heathrow very nearly achieved the milestone of being the first passenger jet drone casualty, with the UK's air safety watchdog saying that someone's drone came within 20 feet of colliding with the plane. Read More >>

Thousands of Google Employees Protest Company’s Involvement in Pentagon AI Drone Programme

A US Department of Defense partnership has drawn ire from Google’s employees, and thousands have now signed a petition urging CEO Sundar Pichai to shut it down. Read More >>