Heathrow Drone Near-Miss Was Nearest Miss Yet

A plane taking off from Heathrow very nearly achieved the milestone of being the first passenger jet drone casualty, with the UK's air safety watchdog saying that someone's drone came within 20 feet of colliding with the plane. Read More >>

Thousands of Google Employees Protest Company’s Involvement in Pentagon AI Drone Programme

A US Department of Defense partnership has drawn ire from Google’s employees, and thousands have now signed a petition urging CEO Sundar Pichai to shut it down. Read More >>

Russian Postal Delivery Drone, Like All of Us, Crumbled to Pieces on First Attempt

Russia’s inaugural parcel delivery drone crashed into a wall on Monday, stunning residents and politicians gathered at the ceremony christening its first flight. According to Reuters, the drone, with estimated cost of over £14,000, hovered for only “several seconds” before crashing into a wall and crumbling into pieces. No one was hurt in the crash. Read More >>

This Could Be the Biggest Drone-Powered iPhone Heist Ever

In the most incredible gang operation gone wrong of 2018, smartphone smugglers in China were busted by customs officers in Shenzhen, but not before moving 500 million yuan (£56.6 million) worth of stolen smartphones, and using drones to pull it off, the Legal Daily reported on Friday. Read More >>

Flying a Tiny Drone to a Staggering 33,000 Feet Gives You the Ultimate Bird’s-Eye View

To ensure the safety of larger aircraft carrying pilots and passengers, unmanned aerial vehicles, or drones, can’t be flown higher than 400 feet so they don’t enter national aerospace. Regulations in Russia, however, aren’t as strict, enabling drone pilot Denis Koryakin to fly his homebuilt, 2.3-pound craft to a staggering height of almost 33,000 feet. Read More >>

Amazon Patent Points to Future in Which Humanity Is Reduced to Screaming at Drones

Get ready to grovel for your next shipment of toilet roll. A recently published Amazon patent depicts a delivery drone capable of recognising and responding to human gestures and speech, which means you may want to practise the art of supplication to ensure proper delivery of that two-ply to your front door. Read More >>

Google Is Helping the Pentagon Build AI for Drones

Google has partnered with the United States Department of Defense (DoD) to help the agency develop artificial intelligence for analysing drone footage, a move that set off a firestorm among employees of the technology giant when they learned of Google’s involvement. Read More >>

The DJI Mavic Air Wins

In the past couple years, you could ask a drone to be two things: good or small. But never both. The Mavic Air changes the game. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that the Mavic Air wins the game, and things will never be the same. Read More >>

Drones Replace Models at Milan Fashion Week After 45-Minute Technical Delay

No one is safe from being replaced by a robot in 2018. Not even fashion models, it seems. Read More >>

Russian Hackers Tricked the Keepers of US Drone Secrets Using the Oldest Trick in the Book

A new investigation by the Associated Press has revealed that a whopping 40 per cent of 87 American defence contractors who were recently targeted by Russian hackers clicked on fake links sent to them via email, possibly exposing classified information in the process. Read More >>

South Korea Preps Serious Anti-Drone Measures Ahead of Winter Olympics

Ahead of the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korean officials are prepping a fleet of specially equipped tactical drones to deter terrorism. Korean outlets Hankyoreh and Yonhap report the fleet includes drones equipped with cameras, face recognition capabilities, and a “drone-catching drone” that will drop nets to disable suspicious UAVs. Read More >>

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At 60 Frames Per Second, It Feels Like I’m Riding This Drone As It Races Down a Mountain

If there was ever a good reason to fullscreen a video on your computer, this is it. The third episode of Team Blacksheep’s Long Term Paradise series, featuring some of the best drone pilots in the world, might have you experiencing vertigo if you’re brave enough to watch this footage running at a full 60 frames per second. Read More >>

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Try to Watch an SUV Cross This Terrifying Siberian Bridge Without Having a Panic Attack

So there’s less than a zero per cent chance that I’ll ever try crossing this 1,640-foot test of bravery in Siberia. It looks like it could instantly collapse under the weight of just a single snowflake. Read More >>

DJI’s New Mavic Air Is so Small It Fits in a Jacket Pocket

DJI just revealed a new, delightfully tiny drone called the Mavic Air. It’s a lot like the DJI Spark, announced last year, but its rotor arms fold in making the little bitty aircraft even more little bitty. If you set the Mavic Air on the table next to your smartphone, you’d find they have about the same size footprint. The drone is a lot fatter, though. Read More >>

A Drone Just Saved The Lives of Two Teenage Boys in Australia

New South Wales’ $340,000 (£245,000) investment in drones has apparently paid off in a major way. On Thursday, two teenage boys in Australia struggling offshore were saved thanks to a rescue drone, the BBC reported. Read More >>