RAF Drone Pilots Reveal the Horror of Killing by Remote Control

An extraordinary insight into the day job of the RAF's Reaper remote attack drone pilots has been assembled, with the team based at RAF Waddington revealing how they go about monitoring their targets for weeks before eventually pulling the trigger. Read More >>

The EU Wants To Create Sensible Rules For Drones By 2019

By 2019 the EU wants to have clear drone rules in place. This can only be viewed as a good thing, because the current state of affairs is a mess. The rules will introduce a standard across the EU and mean that anyone can use a drone across the region without worrying about local rules. Read More >>

Medical Drones Could Beat Ambulances At Saving Lives

After someone suffers from cardiac arrest, it’s like a time bomb starts ticking. The best way to increase survival rate is to get someone a defibrillator—and fast. Ambulances have to deal with red lights. Drones can fly. Read More >>

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North Korean Drone Found in South Korea Was Spying on American Missile Defense System

South Korean officials recently stumbled upon what is believed to be a North Korean drone that didn’t make it back home. And they now believe that the drone was sent to photograph America’s controversial THAAD missile defense system that was recently deployed to the region. Read More >>

Sky and F1 Owners Back Drone Racing

The powers that think they have the clout to decide what we like are going in big on the Drone Racing League, with a conglomerate of backers -- including Sky and F1's new owner Liberty Media -- pumping more millions into the sport they hope might be the next big thing. Read More >>

This Cyborg Dragonfly Is the Tiniest Drone

The smaller a drone gets, the more places it can be easily flown. But while many researchers have been trying to tackle the monumental challenge of building drones that look and behave like tiny insects, a new approach has engineers giving Mother Nature’s existing creations drone-like upgrades. Read More >>

Hong Kong Looks Beautifully Uncanny When Seen From the Sky

Few cities represent the remarkable 20th century trend of skyscraper-filled, obscenely dense cities better than Hong Kong. At its height, The Kowloon Walled City, which was demolished in 1993, was perhaps the most dystopian portrait of urban living. And according to photographer Andy Yeung, 21st-century Hong Kong isn’t all that different. Read More >>

DJI’s New Cheap Drone Looks an Awful Lot Like Everybody Else’s Cheap Drone

In a splashy reveal at Grand Central Station on Wednesday, DJI announced the Spark, a pint-sized camera drone that’s been rumoured for weeks. The company says it’s about the size and weight of a coke can. You can also control it with the wave of a hand. Read More >>

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Watch a Rogue Drone Crash Into an MLB Crowd

“Take me out to the ballgame. Take me out to the crowd. Buy me some peanuts and Cra——oh fuck watch out for that drone!” Read More >>

DJI Will Cripple Your Drone if You Don’t Register It on the Company’s Website

DJI just made a weird but ultimately sensible announcement. The next firmware updates for all of its drone models will require users to log into the website for a “new application activation process.” If you don’t, DJI will turn your drone into a lame hunk of plastic that barely flies. Read More >>

Prison Builds Anti-Drone Forcefield

A prison in the Channel Islands is the first in the UK to declare a physical war on drones, as it's currently installing a defence system that surrounds the premises and knocks the buzzing little things out of the sky. Read More >>

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Save Hiring A Plane And Just Skydive From A Drone Like This Guy

The age of drones is fast approaching and here we are thinking that getting our deliveries via tiny, rotor-equipped robots is the best we can do. How about getting one to lift you into the air so you can jump out of the sky? Way more convenient than chartering a plane, right? Read More >>

Uh-Oh, Amazon’s Letting Kids Design Drones

Amazon is working with the UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to run a competition for schoolchildren to design their own drones. Which means we may never be safe from the buggers ever again. Read More >>

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Watch Cherry Blossoms Suddenly Explode Into Life in This Stunning Timelapse Footage

It’s that time of year when Mother Nature puts on her best fireworks show with pink and white cherry blossoms. By now your Instagram feed is probably clogged with endless shots of cherry trees, but this spectacular drone footage captured by Jack Johnston is still worth your time. Read More >>