Alcoholism Can Now Be Treated with Prescription Drugs

Sometimes, quitting can be hard work — especially if you have an alcohol dependency. Now, however, it could be a whole lot easier: France has just cleared a new anti-alcoholism drug for use by its nation of claret swillers. Read More >>

Coffee Makes Over-Achievers Slack Off

While most of us drink coffee to stay alert and actually get work done, new research suggests that it might not be the best plan for all us. In fact, drinking a tonne of coffee may actually make over-achievers less productive. Read More >>

The Miracle Drug That Could Kill All Cancers

It sounds like science fiction, but researchers have discovered a single drug that they think can shrink, or even completely cure, all human tumours. But how does a drug like that work, and when will it be available? Read More >>

How the American Government Hired a Con Artist to Catch Google’s Criminal Activities

Last summer, Google had to pay $500 million to avoid criminal prosecution by the US government. Using a convicted con artist, the feds caught Google aiding illegal online pharmaceutical sales. The operation—as described by the Wall Street Journal—is movie material. Read More >>