Kettering Bingo Hall Repurposed as Cannabis Factory

Criminals of the gardening variety have been caught operating a massive cannabis growing operation in the very heart of Kettering town centre, where a closed bingo hall formerly operated by the Gala chain was found packed to the rafters with healthy looking specimens of the plant, almost ready for picking and hand-rolling into the finest of locally sourced cigars. Read More >>

Scientists Make ‘Landmark’ Discovery in Synthesising Anti-Cancer Molecules Found in Sea Sponges

Harvard and Japanese scientists say they’ve made a “landmark” discovery in cancer drug development. In a new study published Monday, they say they have finally found a way to synthesise in bulk a complex class of promising cancer-fighting molecules derived from sea sponges. Their new strategy has already helped speed up research into these molecules, including a planned clinical trial in humans. Read More >>

Buying Drugs Through the Dark Net is on the Rise

The various clampdowns and crackdowns on the "dark net" of anonymous online retailers have clearly been massive failures, as the number of people buying illegal drugs online has doubled over the last five years. Read More >>

Man Restoring a Classic Synth Goes on a 9-Hour Acid Trip After Accidentally Touching LSD-Covered Knob

There are plenty of wild rumours, mythologies, and eyebrow-raising stories from the long history of music, including claims that parts of synthesizers designed by electronic music pioneer Don Buchla had been dipped in LSD. But as engineer Eliot Curtis recently discovered, those claims might actually hold some truth. Read More >>

CBD Might Help People Struggling With Opioid Addiction, Small Trial Shows

A new study published this week is the latest to suggest that cannabis – or at least a key ingredient of it – might help people struggling with addiction. It found that people with opioid use disorder experienced less symptoms of craving when given cannabidiol, or CBD, over a placebo. CBD also helped them calm down and reduced their anxiety. Read More >>

UK Tops List for Getting Shitfaced on Booze and High on Cocaine More Than Any Other Country

In a surprise to no one, the British are out-drinking their fellow nations by getting rat-arsed on an average of at least once a week, because I guess no one else is trying hard enough. Read More >>

People Like Drugs Too Much for the Government to Crack Down on Them

In news that will shock and amaze, the National Crime Agency has said that prohibition of widely-used substances is doing bugger all to stem the flow of illegal drugs flooding into the UK. Brits just can't get enough of smoking, ingesting, injecting, and shovelling them up their noses meaning as long as the demand isn't quelled, the suppliers will carry on supplying. Read More >>

1,000-Year-Old Psychedelic Drug Kit Contains Traces of Cocaine and Ayahuasca

Archaeologists in the Bolivian Andes have discovered a 1,000-year-old ritual bundle—basically a stash of drug paraphernalia—containing traces five different psychoactive substances, including cocaine and the active ingredients found in ayahuasca. Read More >>

Scientists Had Volunteers Get High to See How CBD and THC Affect the Brain Differently

Cannabidiol—the ingredient of cannabis that doesn’t make you high, commonly called CBD—might be the angel to THC’s devil, a new study of people’s brains suggests. The research found that 17 people who smoked cannabis with mostly THC had worse brain function in certain regions than those who smoked cannabis with roughly equal levels of THC and CBD. Read More >>

Should You, Your Mum, and Your Dog Be Using CBD?

They’re everywhere – in your supermarket, at the chain pharmacy, even in your local pet shop. The latest over-the-counter health fad for cannabidiol, or CBD (the main ingredient of cannabis that won’t make you high), has spawned a seemingly infinite stream of new products and dubious health claims. Read More >>

Science Professor Reportedly Admits to Making MDMA With His Students Because What the Hell

A pharmaceutical science professor in Japan allegedly taught his students how to make the illegal drug MDMA, and claimed it was important for their education. Read More >>

If You Use Cannabis, It Could Take Twice As Much Anesthesia to Sedate You

Like with all drugs we take, there are good and bad effects that come with cannabis. But a new study out Monday suggests that one of these bad side effects could be a strange tolerance to anaesthesia. It found that residents of the US state of Colorado who regularly use cannabis needed up to twice as many powerful sedatives before a procedure. Read More >>

US Department of Justice Charges UK Firm With Conspiracy, Fraud Over Opioid Withdrawal Drug Suboxone Film

On Tuesday, US federal prosecutors indicted British firm Indivior Plc, the manufacturer of the opioid craving and withdrawal drug Suboxone Film, with misleading doctors and government health programmes into thinking the drug was safer and less addictive than it really is, Bloomberg reported. According to the US Department of Justice (DOJ), the company even ran a “Here to Help” program that purported to assist patients facing opioid addiction, when in reality, DOJ says, it directed them to doctors it knew played loose with scripts. Read More >>

There’s Human Poo in Street Cannabis

Today's news about poo being in and/or on stuff you wouldn't expect concerns illegally sourced street drugs, and you can probably imagine how poo gets into and onto cannabis. Read More >>

MDMA Made Older Mice Start Socialising Like Teenagers

You might think of young brains as soft clay that can take on new shapes in response to various inputs. But as time passes, the clay hardens and is less workable—and like clay, older brains can be less likely to change in response to new situations. Scientists doing research in mice have realised this analogy seems to work for learning social behaviours, and that MDMA, the active ingredient of the drug ecstasy, might return older brains to a more malleable state. Read More >>