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Give This Skilled Juggle-Drumming Street Performer All the World’s Loose Change

It’s easy to walk past most street buskers, whose performances are often more annoying than entertaining. But were to you come across this guy, who masterfully blends the art of juggling with drumming while staying in perfect rhythm to the music he’s playing, you’d feel guilty about not emptying your entire wallet into his hat. Read More >>

Three-Armed Cyborg Drummer Is the Killer Beat Machine of the Future

Seeking to “push the limits of what humans can do,” researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a wearable robotic limb that transforms drummers into three-armed cyborgs. Read More >>

Power Through Friday with a 30-Minute Loop of the In The Air Tonight Drum Fill

Can you feel it calling in the air? Yep, it's that Friday feeling, meaning that most of us just have a few hours of working week drudgery to get through until we're free for a whole 48 hours. Struggling to get through it? Get a lift with this 30-minute loop of Phil Collins's classic drum fill from "In The Air Tonight". You know, the one that gorilla loved to play so much. [YouTube via Laughing Squid] Read More >>