You Need to Hear the Unreal Sound of a Snare Drum In an Abandoned Nuclear Cooling Tower

Those giant, curvy, concrete towers that rise above nuclear power plants aren’t only useful for cooling superheated water. Once decommissioned, the massive structures can also be used to naturally create amazing sounds and effects when playing instruments inside them. Read More >>

Why Drums Only Sound as Good as the Room They’re In

I’ve spent a fair bit of time in the company of drummers, and every last one has been a little bit weird. That level of independent limb coordination must do something to your neural circuitry. Some of them hide their strangeness... unless they get to talking about “room tone.” Then they start describing sounds as boomy or dry or slappy and the secret is out. Read More >>

This Living Legend Owns the Drums Heard on Every Major Album in the Last 20 Years

Ross Garfield is far from a household name. But if you’ve even listened to Nirvana’s Nevermind, Metallica’s black album, Michael Jackson’s Bad, Blood Sugar Sex Magik by the Red Hot Chili Peppers or dozens of other seminal records from big-name artists, you’re already familiar with his work. Read More >>

Three-Armed Cyborg Drummer Is the Killer Beat Machine of the Future

Seeking to “push the limits of what humans can do,” researchers at Georgia Tech have developed a wearable robotic limb that transforms drummers into three-armed cyborgs. Read More >>

Korg’s Cliphit Turns Whatever’s in Reach Into an Instant Drum Kit

With a pair of drumsticks (or pencils) and a good imagination, anything can be turned into an impromptu drum kit. But Korg doesn't want you to have to settle for imaginary sounds, or your terrible beatboxing skills. Its new Cliphit uses three cabled clips that attach and turn almost anything into drum pads that trigger different realistic sounding samples. Read More >>

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Glowing Sticks and Long Exposures Turn Drumming Into a Visual Feast

Watching a talented drummer beat away on a set of skins is an eternal joy, but even more so when said drummer is sitting in the middle of a long-exposure camera rig with a pair of glowing drumsticks in hand. What's usually a blur of arms and sticks suddenly becomes an intricate web of mid-air streaks and squiggles that highlight the drummer's performance. Read More >>

This Bionic Drummer Arm is Like Def Leppard 2.0

Like Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen who lost his arm in an accident but kept on performing, aspiring drummer Jason Barnes didn't let losing his right arm two years ago deter him from realising his dream. He built a crude prosthetic using springs that allowed him to keep on drumming, but after enrolling at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media, he met an engineering professor who realised he could build Barnes something better. Read More >>

This Lego Drum Machine Turns Bricks Into Beats

If you're more adept at playing with blocks than fiddling with a bunch of knobs and buttons, then you might need Mark Crosbie's SoundMachine. This sequencer lets you assemble a funky Midi beat using nothing but Lego — and maybe a crude sense of rhythm. Read More >>

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This Amazing One-Year-Old Plays the Drums Like a Pro and Miles Better Than You

Prepare to be impressed. This tiny one-year-old dude plays the drums like a pro; as if it’s nothing -- it’s incredible. And no, I don’t mean kiddie drums. I mean a proper full-sized drum kit that’s way bigger than he is. If this little guy doesn’t have a music career by the time he’s 10, I’ll be amazed. Read More >>

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The Most Mesmerising Drum Solo Committed to Video

I love a good drum solo: it's chance for an often-overlooked musician to throw themselves into the limelight. But combine it with motion-tracking software to create a living art work, and a solo becomes truly mesmerising. Read More >>