Watch Out for Seagulls Tripping on Acid From Flying Ants

Seagulls can be a pain at the best of times, routinely stealing your food before shitting it out on top of your head. Drunk seagulls, however, sound like a whole different beast. Read More >>

‘Drunk’ Policeman Who Went Viral Was Actually Having a Stroke

Salim PK, a police officer in Delhi, India, was captured on video while allegedly drunk on a metro train. The footage of him staggering and falling over went viral. But doctors have confirmed what he insisted all along: he was actually having a stroke. Read More >>

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Man Survives Drunken Fall Under Moving Train

A man is currently pondering whether he actually serves some great and previously unknown important purpose on earth, after the gods decided to let him live when he fell under a moving train at Manchester Piccadilly station. Read More >>

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11 Origins of Common Drinking Phrases

There's a lot of slang associated with drinking. Three sheets to the wind. Hair of the dog. On the wagon. We all know them, we all use them, but most of us don't know where they came from or what they really mean. Read on, and you'll be the smartest person at the bar. Read More >>

What’s the Worst Place You’ve Ever (Drunkenly) Woken Up?

When Marek Michalski, 56, was found on a bench in Piotrkow, Poland, he didn't have a pulse. As per standard practice with corpses, paramedics sent him to a hospital morgue. Where he woke up. Turns out he was just really, really pissed. Read More >>

Who Needs a Breathalyser When a Urinal Can Tell How Drunk You Are?

Here's a brilliant idea that could prevent countless drunk driving-related deaths from occurring. Working with a marketing agency called DDB, Zouk, a popular nightclub in Singapore, installed a series of urinals that are able to monitor a patron's blood alcohol level and warn them if they're too drunk to drive. Read More >>

Drunk Idiot Dangles Upside Down from Power Cables

In the list of things you probably should never experience in your life, even if you're sozzled to oblivion, dangling upside down from an active power cable is probably near the top. This very, very drunk man, however, obviously thinks differently. He climbed up a pole and hung upside down a high-voltage power cable for 15 minutes. Luckily for him (unluckily for human intelligence) he managed to survive without any major injuries. Read More >>

New Nanocapsule Medicine Could Sober You Up in Seconds

Anyone who's ever had a couple of drinks knows that as fun as it can be, sometimes it'd be nice if you could just make all that haze go away, right away. There's no solution for your average drunk yet, but researchers at MIT have managed to put together an injection that can turn a party mouse into a stone-cold sober one practically on the spot. Read More >>

A Drunk Guy Drove a Tank Inside a House

Imagine yourself sleeping at 3:00 AM on a Friday night. You probably wanted a little peace and quiet before tomorrow's picnic at the park. You're deep in a dream about running barefoot on the beach when SMAAASSSSSHHHH GUNKDAGUNK BOOOM. A drunk man drives a freaking tank inside your house and destroys it. Read More >>

Face Scanning Cameras Will Know When You’re Drunk

The next generation of CCTV cameras may well be able to automatically spot overly drunk potential troublemakers, thanks to the efforts of a team of Greek researchers. Read More >>

Fall Asleep On a Luggage Conveyer Belt and Receive a Full Body X-Ray

I'm pretty sure this isn't healthy, but hey, why not! As one drunken Norwegian guy found out, taking a nap on a baggage inspection conveyor belt in Rome's Fiumincino airport results in getting a full body scan and a shut down of the airport. Brilliant! Read More >>

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So That’s Why My Car Has a Massive Foot-Shaped Dent In the Door

Ever wondered why your innocently parked car has a brand new dent in the door and you're missing a wing mirror. Wonder no more: it's because some drunken-arse woman attempted to kick the crap out of your beloved automobile, and for what, who knows? Read More >>

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Nothing Says I’m Drunk Like Bellowing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody In a Police Car

This man—let's call him The Dude—got arrested because, according to the police, he was really drunk. But The Dude claimed that he wasn't drunk. That's like, your opinion, man—then proceeded to sing Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody to prove his point. Read More >>