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This is The First Image From NASA’s Deep Space Climate Observatory

The Deep Space Climate Observatory (also cleverly known as DSCOVR) is a spacecraft that sits a million miles away from Earth, hovering between the Sun and our planet. Its mission: to monitor space weather, and send us an endless stream of interplanetary snapshots. This is its first. Read More >>

Watch Live as SpaceX Attempts To Land a Rocket on a Drone Ship…Again

With a little bit of luck, SpaceX just might make history today. Read More >>

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NASA’s “GoreSat” Weather Satellite Will Keep an Eye on Solar Winds

When the solar winds blow strong, it plays havoc with electronics here on Earth. We can protect our sensitive electronic infrastructure — power grids, navigation and communication satellites, and such — but only with sufficient warning. And that's where NASA's new DSCOVR satellite comes in. Read More >>