Canon Hits Back Hard Against Nikon and Sony With the New Full Frame Mirrorless EOS R

It’s been a busy summer for camera aficionados with Nikon recently announcing its first high-end mirrorless camera. But now, things are about to get even more hectic thanks to the new Canon EOS R. Read More >>

Canon’s EOS M100 Is Another Apathetic Attempt at a Mirrorless Camera

Interchangeable lens shooters like the Sony A9 are evidence that mirrorless cameras can not only compete at the highest levels of photography, but they’re probably also the eventual successors to DSLRs. So you’d assume that a company like Canon would have made strong inroads into the mirrorless market by now, but with cameras like the new EOS M100, the company is still treating the mirrorless market as an afterthought, not the future. Read More >>

Nikon’s D850 Is Stealing Some of the Mirrorless Camera’s Best Features

DSLR cameras, the big bulky Nikon and Canon cameras you see photographers and your cousin Mimi rocking at weddings, aren’t going to go away any time soon, but mirrorless cameras, like the excellent Sony A9, have gotten good enough to make the Nikons and Canons of the world scared. So Nikon’s latest full frame professional camera, the D850, borrows some pro experiences from its mirrorless rivals: Including a tilting display, focus stacking, and mirror-free shooting. Read More >>

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A Snapshot of How Digital Photography Has Developed Since 1998

This isn’t art, though it may look like it. Instead, it’s a striking look at 17 years of progress in snapping digital photos in low light. Oh, how things have developed. Read More >>

It’s Safe to Buy a Point-and-Shoot Again

I'm going to try to convince you that if you've got a budget DSLR slung over your shoulder, there's a high likelihood that you'll be better served by a point-and-shoot camera. Weird, right? But hear me out. Read More >>

Canon 7D Mark II: The Best DSLR for Sports and Wildlife, but That’s All

When the Canon 7D came out in 2009, it soon became one of the most popular DSLRs ever. It was fast, rugged, with great video features, all for a whole lot cheaper than the more pro-orientated 5D Mark II. Five years later, the 7D Mark II makes its debut with plenty of powerful specs, yet it's not likely to be the same wide-reaching hit as the original. Read More >>

Nikon D810: Subtle Improvements for One of the Baddest DSLRs Around

The Nikon D800 is commonly held in high regard as one of the best pro DSLRs out there. When it was released back in 2012, it made news for its unique 36 megapixel sensor. This time around, the focus is on minor improvements for some added firepower in an already fiery camera. Read More >>

Sony A77 Mark II: The Mid-Range DSLR Gets a Turbo-Charged Upgrade

Most of the attention heaped on Sony these days is directed at their compact mirrorless cameras. But there is still plenty of interest in those other members of the Alpha family, those larger A-mount DSLR style bodies. The a77 Mark II brings some long awaited updates to the table. Read More >>

This is Nikon’s New Flagship D4S

While there's a high chance Nikon will show off a new pro-grade DSLR, dubbed the D4S, at CES, the camera has already been unveiled at an official press event over in Hong Kong. Here it is. Read More >>

Canon 70D Review: DSLR Video Nirvana Comes More Into Focus

Canon has spent years making incremental improvements to its DSLR line's video features, yet it's been ages since we've seen a major step forward in functionality. While the 60D added some nice touches, its successor, the EOS 70D, makes one very specific leap towards excellence. Read More >>

How to Turn an Old SLR and Lens Into a Peephole

If you have a knackered old SLR lying around, are game for a project and fancy adding a little quirk to your front door, why not think about creating a photography themed peephole? Read More >>

This Font Was Created Using Light Streaks From an iPhone

This font, called Phone Streak, might not be the most practical typeface in the world, but it was probably the most fun to create — because it was put together by capturing long exposures of an iPhone being swept through the air. Read More >>

Rumour: Canon Is Testing a 75-Megapixel Pro DSLR

As camera rumours go, this one's pretty insane: Photography Bay is claiming that a reliable source has told it that Canon is testing "a pro-sized body like the 1D X", which packs a sensor with over 75 megapixels. Blimey. Read More >>

Canon 100D (SL1): The Shrunken-Down Beginner DSLR You’ve Been Waiting For

Last year's Canon 650D (T4i) was a really excellent camera. But for all its whiz-bang features like a capacitive touchscreen and continuous autofocus while shooting video, it just didn't feel special. A DLSR for beginners just doesn't make as much sense when there are smaller mirrorless cameras that can achieve similar results. So Canon shrunk the 650D down. Here's the mini version, Canon 100D (SL1). Read More >>

Would You Pay £320 For This Chocolate DSLR?

Valentine's Day is just round the corner, and what better sweet treat to get your gadget-loving partner than a full-size replica of a Canon D60 made from chocolate? Provided they can stomach the fact you spent £320 on the damn thing. Read More >>