The One Trick That Dumbphones are Still the Best at

We all love our smartphones. Who could ever go back to a time before having an all-knowning internet brick on hand at all times? But there is one trick that dumbphones were better at: flipping. I don't know about you, but I miss it to this day. Read More >>

You Won’t Believe How Much Dumphones Can Actually Do

In spite of iOS and Android's quest towards world domination, it's easy for us overprivileged first-world residents to forget that the spread of the smartphone doesn't affect everyone. In fact, only half of all mobile phones shipped in 2013 are expected to be smartphones. The rest are the slower, clunkier, and exponentially cheaper devices officially known as feature phones, but more commonly dismissed as dumbphones. Careful, though. They're smarter than you think. Read More >>

Custom-Printed OwnFone Makes You Choose Your Friends Wisely

While most companies are pushing phones to have bigger screens and more processing power, OwnFone is taking things in the other direction with these extremely simple, custom printed dumbphones. With an OwnFone, you can take calls, and call people you know. That's it. Read More >>

What Was Your Favourite Dumbphone?

Sure, I love my smartphone, but she's not my first love, and she never will be. I've loved another, the beautiful LG VX8350, who treated me so very, very well in my youth. She was a solid little phone, with a front screen that was absolutely perfect for covertly checking texts in class and playing it off like you were checking the time. Read More >>