ces 2018
You Will Probably Die Before This Monstrous New Backup Battery From Duracell Does

As the organisers of CES 2018 reminded us today, when you rely on gadgets, it’s a good idea to plan ahead to ensure you’ve always got power. There’s no shortage of portable batteries being shown off on the CES show floor, but none of them compare to this monstrosity that Duracell’s created. Read More >>

Duracell Doesn’t Understand Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is one of those handy things that’s almost been about to go mainstream for five years now. But Duracell is tired of waiting for the wireless charging revolution. Duracell wants you to wirelessly charge by plugging in this dongle instead. Wait, what? Read More >>

Passengers Heat This Battery Bus Shelter by Holding Each Other’s Hands

The only thing worse than the cold and snow of winter is when you're stuck in the middle of it waiting for a bus. So to make the experience a little less awful, Duracell turned a transit shelter in Toronto into a giant battery that powered a set of warmth-providing heaters. Read More >>

Premium Duracell Batteries for Under £2 are Your “Don’t Lick ‘Em” Deal of the Day

Batteries are amazing things. You can power things with them. They fit perfectly into a child's nostrils. You can crack them like eggs and poison yourself. The possibilities are endless. And with that, you can show off to your neighbours by getting some expensive batteries, but you don't have to tell them how cheaply you bought them for. They'll think you're one of those rappers with your posh batteries. Read More >>

A Ten-Pack of Premium Duracell Batteries is Your Rabbit-Powering Deal of the Day

Batteries are great aren't they? They power our lives in ways we take for granted, every single day. Without them, we wouldn't be able to change the channel on the TV when someone irritating comes on-screen. They keep our clocks ticking and our women sexually satisfied. Read More >>