Dutch Publishers Print Book in (Unsurprisingly Stinky) Squid Ink

Something smells fishy... Naar Inkt Vissen is a book of sailors' stories with a difference. Today Designers' 700-book run is bound with industrial fishing wire - and printed using a litre and a half of squid ink. Read More >>

Stop Filling Up the Planet With Your Trash, Orders Robot Bin

Some parts of the Netherlands are acting on the terrible modern crime of putting rubbish in someone else's bin, requiring users to open their bins with an ID card before chucking stuff in it. Read More >>

Anti-Piracy Group Found Guilty of… Piracy

The bizarre case of the anti-piracy people accused of piracy has finally concluded, with Dutch musician Melchior Rietveldt winning his royalties case for unauthorised use of his music by a Hollywood-backed copyright group. Read More >>

The Dutch Have the Weirdest Google Maps Censorship

The Netherlands have given the world so much: pizza, sex tourism, The Hague, Rembrandt, Vermeer — and let's not Aelbert Cuyp. In the tradition of the last three, the Dutch now serve up the most artistically bizarre Google blurring ever. Read More >>

Fertility Chip Could Herald New Era of Hands-On Home Testing for Sperm Effectiveness

Gentlemen, are you shooting blanks or are you ready to continue your family line another generation? Before, answering that question required a trip to the doctors. Today, a Dutch researcher says the test could eventually be, ahem, in your hands. Read More >>