A Three-Hour Cut of Doctor Sleep is on the Way

Films fans slept on Doctor Sleep. Even with relatively positive reviews and DNA from both Stephen King and Stanley Kubrick, the film has grossed barely over $70 million (£53.8 million) worldwide. Ouch. And yet, writer and director Mike Flanagan believes in it – to the point that the film’s getting an extra-long cut when it comes home. Read More >>

Ebooks Purchased From Microsoft Will Be Deleted This Month Because You Don’t Really Own Anything Anymore

Anyone who bought ebooks through the Microsoft Store is in for a rude shock in the coming days. The good news? You can get a refund. The bad news? All of your books are going to be deleted this month. Read More >>

Activists Want to Use Balloons to Airlift The Interview Into North Korea

Last year, an article in The Atlantic magazine introduced us to an activist group run by a former resident of North Korea who now uses balloons to airlift information and technology into into the tightly controlled country. Now, its members want to use their balloons to tote in copies of The Interview, Sony's beleaguered comedy about Kim Jong-un. Read More >>

Sky’s DVD-in-the-Post Buy & Keep Service is Now Live

Sky's weird Buy & Keep thing is now operational in the UK, letting people who demand instant digital satisfaction yet still want the reflected glory of a physical media collection enjoy the best of both worlds. You buy a film through your Sky box, you watch it right there and then, before a DVD copy turns up in the post a few days later, to use as a coaster or present. [Sky] Read More >>

Game Of Thrones deal of the day
Softcore Porn in the Seven Kingdoms is Your Stay-In-All-Weekend Deal of the Day

'Game Of Thrones! Game Of Thrones! OMG – Game Of Thrones! Game Of Thrones! Game Of Thrones! Oh my OMG! Game Of Thrones!' Read More >>

These Outrageous Chinese DVD Movie Copies Are Utterly Hilarious

I may have a bad memory, but I don't remember Matrix Reloaded to be about "white men wanting a stud to breed slaves." Or Arnold Swarchenegger starring in Star Wars. Or a Tom Cruise movie called Pepe Likes Tacos. But, if you are in China, that's exactly what happens. Read More >>

A Super-Cheap Portable DVD Player is Your “You Call That a Tablet? This Is A Tablet” Deal of the Day

Remember when the portable DVD player used to be about as modern as it got? Imagine, watching a film while on a train or sat in the back of the car. The problem was that it would cost you about £150 to enjoy the privilege. Read More >>

Here’s How to Get the Just-Released Prometheus Blu-Ray For the Cheapest Price Around

Yes, it's been that long. The time has come for the movie that had us all hyped up before it hit the cinema, to land on DVD and Blu-ray, and thankfully it won't cost you the Earth either. Packed to the brim with deleted scenes that actually explain some of the madness of Prometheus, this might be one movie actually worth owning on disc. Here's where to get it cheap. Read More >>

“Lost” Kubrick Movie Found, Cleaned Up and Readied for Blu-ray Release

To call Kubrick's movie Fear And Desire lost is perhaps a little bit of an exaggeration, as the main reason it's been so hard to get hold of has been Kubrick himself trying to erase it from history. But now it's been restored and is ready for the Blu-ray collections of his hardcore fans. Read More >>

Curb Your Enthusiasm and Other Cheap TV on DVD and Blu-Ray Offers Are Your Post-Olympics-Survival Deals of the Day

Remember when you were a kid and the humble supermarket was a drab place filled with butter, eggs, processed cheese and Marjorie on till three who you fancied a bit, but weren’t quite sure why? Yeah, not any more. Read More >>

Optical Drive Cartel Suspected of Keeping Prices High

Despite the fact that optical drives are probably on the way out, the European Commission has announced that it suspects thirteen manufacturers of being involved in a five-year bid-rigging cartel in an attempt to keep prices artificially elevated. Read More >>

Windows 8 Won’t Play DVDs as Standard

Microsoft has recently been dribbling out news of the media functionality of Windows 8, and little has been surprising. But here's something weird: unless you buy the Media Center version of the OS, Windows won't offer any native facility for DVD playback. Read More >>

The Official DVD for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Looks Like a Pirated Disc

This is awesome. The real, authentic, genuine, official Sony Pictures DVD for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo looks like a burned DVD copy complete with the movie's title scribbled in black pen. It's supposed to fit the movie's theme and Rooney Mara's character. Read More >>

Yellow Submarine Remastered In Eye-Bleeding 4K Resolution For the Benefit of Future Generations

The weird animated Beatles film has been remastered for our high-definition consumption, with animation experts restoring the film to the next-generation 4K HD resolution. Read More >>

Digital movie downloads
Tesco to Give You a Free Digital Copy With Certain Movies Bought on DVD or Blu-Ray

Having acquired an 80 per cent stake in Blinkbox in April, Tesco's leveraging free digital copy movie downloads with each DVD and Blu-ray purchase. Buy a movie on disc and download a digital copy for free. Read More >>