Porsche Drivers are the Most Likely Members of the Super Rich to Forget to Pay Their Car Tax

The DVLA has released some list-feature-friendly data on the types of cars that its enforcers have been having a laugh clamping for not having valid taxes, revealing the bizarre fact that Porsche owners are by far the most likely among "prestige" car drivers to have unfortunately forgotten to pay their road tax. Read More >>

Clamping For Unpaid Car Tax Skyrockets After Death of Paper Disc

Figures obtained by the BBC through a Freedom of Information request show that clamping for unpaid car tax has almost doubled since the paper tax disc was thrown on the scrapheap. Read More >>

UK’s Digital Driving Licences Coming to Apple Wallet Users

Oliver Morley, the CEO of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has tweeted a picture of a prototype digital driving licence on the Apple Wallet app. Described by Morley as “something we’re working on,” it’s being reported that the digital document will be an add-on, rather than a replacement for, the hard copy, probably to prevent illegal drivers from falling back on the 'my phone's dead' excuse whenever they were pulled over. Read More >>

Buzz Lightyear Wins Battle for UK Driving Licence

After being denied a driving licence in the name Buzz Lightyear, Buzz Lightyear has now been granted a licence under the name. Because his name really is Buzz Lightyear. Read More >>

“Double Tax” Windfall Nets Government an Extra £38m

The AA has conducted a survey of drivers in which it asked them about the changes to the UK's vehicle tax rules, finding that 60 per cent had no idea tax now expires when a vehicle changes hands and that some families are actually paying to tax cars twice. Read More >>

Government Cashes in With Double-Taxed Cars From Today

The new UK car tax system kicks in today, and motoring organisations say the government's going to pull in extra cash thanks to the way sellers of used cars can't get refunds for partial months of road tax. Read More >>

UK’s Iconic Car Tax Disc to be Binned From 2014

Those famous bits of paper and their magical plastic holders are soon to disappear from cars in the UK, with Chancellor George Osborne announcing that the DVLA will soon begin to rely entirely upon its digital register to see if drivers have paid their dues. Read More >>

DVLA Updates Banned Sweary Number Plate List for 2014 Idiot Season

The annual roll over of the car number plate system has thrown up some exciting new ways for people to spell out swear words, with the 14 plate designation meaning the likes of SH14 TTY and SP14 STK now find themselves on the DVLA's banned registrations list. Read More >>

Rude Car Numberplates Routinely Banned by the DVLA

It's not all about threatening to tow people's cars away at the DVLA. They do have time for some fun, with the national numberplate registrar regularly adding rude or offensive number and letter combinations to its banned list. Read More >>