The Best Video Player You Can Use Finally Gets DVR Support

If you’ve got a lot of movie and TV files floating around your computer you’re doing a disservice to your free time by not installing Plex. It’s a gamechanger app that lets you instantly stream all your media to any phone, computer, or TV in your vicinity. Read More >>

Xbox One is Becoming a Fully-Featured DVR Next Year

Microsoft just announced that the Xbox One will become a full-featured DVR in 2016. This couples with the console’s latest feature for free over-the-air television. You can record shows while playing games, and content can be shared with any Windows 10 device or downloaded for offline viewing. Best part? It’s free. Read More >>

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Xbox One’s Game DVR Game Capture Locked at 720p Resolution

Xbox One's built-in game footage buffer is limited to recording at 720p/30fps resolution, regardless of how high-res the actual game you're actually playing may be. Read More >>

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Xbox One Constantly Buffers Only Your Last Five Minutes of Play to the PS4’s 15

Microsoft has explained a little more about its plans for Xbox One to work as your own little gameplay DVR, confirming that it'll continuously bugger buffer the last five minutes of your action so you can edit it, watch it again and share it to people who probably won't be particularly interested in seeing your amazing kill. Read More >>

Twitter DVR Sounds Like an Awesome Idea

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo was hanging out at a panel this morning at the Centre for Technology Information, and while he was there he let an interesting little tidbit drop: Twitter is toying with a rewindable, DVR-type feature. It sounds awesome. Read More >>

Do You Record TV Sporting Events?

Growing up, the summer tennis season was always my favourite. Beginning with the French Open, and culminating with the U.S. Open, I spent many a lazy summer day watching the likes of Pete Sampras and Roger Federer demolish opponent after opponent. As as "adult," being in the office every day makes that less of a reality for me, so I end up watching almost no tennis at all. Case in point: I missed Federer's win over Andy Murray yesterday afternoon. Read More >>