Discovery of ‘Goblin’ Solar System Object Bolsters the Case for Planet Nine

Astronomers have discovered an object, dubbed “the Goblin,” in the outer reaches of the Solar System. The dwarf planet never gets any closer to the Sun than 6 billion miles, but experts say its orbital configuration points to the existence of a much larger, more distant planet —the elusive Planet Nine. Read More >>

This Dwarf Planet’s Freaky Ice Volcano Might Not Be Alone After All

The only thing cooler than a volcano is an ice volcano, obviously. Scientists think they’ve spotted these mounds of icy rock—called cryovolcanoes—on many moons, such as Triton, Europa, Titan, and demoted planet Pluto (sorry, Pluto). Perhaps the strangest one of all is Ahuna Mons, a solitary ice giant half the size of Mount Everest, located on the dwarf planet Ceres. But a new study suggests Ahuna Mons might not have always been the loneliest (ice) volcano in the solar system. Read More >>

NASA Spacecraft Catches a Rare Glimpse Dwarf Planet Quaoar

New Horizons is currently making its way to the outer reaches of the Kuiper Belt en route to a distant destination beyond Pluto. Along the way, the intrepid spacecraft has captured unprecedented images of a distant object called Quaoar — a dwarf planet about half the size of Pluto. Read More >>

There’s a New Dwarf Planet Far Beyond Pluto’s Orbit

Say hello to 2015 RR245, a 440-mile-wide dwarf planet located approximately 7.5 billion miles from the sun. It takes 700 years to make a complete orbit, making it one of the most remote known objects in the entire solar system of significant size. Read More >>

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New Image From New Horizons Shows Layers In Pluto’s Atmosphere

New Horizons might have swept past Pluto months ago, but we’re still learning some cool things from the images that are being beamed back. In the latest picture, NASA reported that they’ve spotted some layers in the planet’s atmosphere. Read More >>