Dyson Just Crowned This Smart Cart as the Year’s Best American Invention

Dyson is renowned as much for its inventions as the way it makes them—a process The New Yorker once described as "a second industrial revolution." That's why the James Dyson Foundation was created: To foster and promote young inventors. Today, the organisation announced the national winner of its annual Dyson Award, and Gizmodo chatted with the inventor to find out more. Read More >>

Lumpy Bump Mark Food Label Wins UK Dyson Award

This year's round of innovation judging has come to an end, with design and tech student Solveiga Pakstaite winning the UK rubber of the Dyson awards with the concept of a label for food that goes bumpy when your milk is beyond saving. Read More >>

Seven Smart New Inventions That We Should Have Had all Along

Every year, Dyson asks industrial designers, product designers, and engineers to submit their smart solution to a problem — any problem. It's an awesomely broad request, and it usually results in some pretty fascinating entries. Leading up to this year's Dyson Award, we took a look at just a tiny fraction of the entries. Read More >>

A Brilliant Device That Completely Reinvents Crutches

Modern crutches are still less than a century old, and dozens of designers have taken a stab at improving them. But while most attempts are variations on a familiar theme, one entry to James Dyson Foundation's annual Dyson Award proposes a solution that improves on even the best recent alternatives. Read More >>