The 2012 Dyson Awards Shortlist Is Out, and Includes a Drone, an Air-Powered Bike, and a Human-Powered Washing Machine

This year's Dyson Awards features all sorts of wild and wonderful ideas. From a fish-saving net, to a life-saving drone that can patch you up if you get stranded in the middle of nowhere; hell, there's even a human-powered washing machine in the mix. Now we've got the top 15 finalists to ogle at (with three from the UK), from which the winner will be picked by James Dyson himself very soon. Read More >>

If Cars Can Have Airbags, Why Can’t Bikes?

That's what one Singaporean design student thought. Alvin Chan is entering the prestigious Dyson Awards with his Cyclist Emergency Protection System (EMPS) -- an all-in-one cycle safety device. The bicycle protection system comes complete with sensors; an airbag; indicators, and a horn, all stuffed into a compact pack that sits under the saddle. Read More >>