The Dyson Airwrap Vacuums Your Hair Into Curls

Two years ago Dyson used its expertise in pushing air to create a premium hair dryer that was absurdly expensive, but, in our testing at the time, surprisingly worth the investment. Today the company is announcing its first follow-up to the Supersonic: a new styling tool called the Airwrap that replaces the skin-searing metal surfaces of a curling iron with hot air moving through brushes and other attachments that are much safer to use. Read More >>

2018 UK Dyson Award Winner Ticks all the Dyson Award Boxes

An invention that involves all of James Dyson's favourite things has scooped the UK leg of the company's design award challenge, with two men and their innovative omnidirectional wind turbine winning global publicity for their tiny spinning generator concept. Read More >>

The Secret to Finding an Affordable Dyson

Dyson is famous for making amazing vacuum cleaners that cost amazing amounts of money. Its latest model, the Dyson Cyclone V10, earned a strong review from Gizmodo. It also cost £500, if you want all the attachments. That’s bananas! Read More >>

Dyson’s Pricey Cordless Vac Is So Good, It’s Killing Cords Altogether

The Dyson upright ball vacuum, an iconic piece of engineering and design that made vacs a gadget worthy of your lust, is being eliminated. In its place is Dyson’s latest cordless vac, the Cyclone V10. The company claims the V10's upgraded electric motor can suck better and last longer on a single charge. But can a rechargeable vacuum really replace a corded one? It has for me. The new Dyson Cyclone V10 may have a few issues, but this little cordless vacuum is so good it might finally justify Dyson’s premium pricing. Read More >>

Dyson Might Have Three Electric Cars in the Works

Electric cars are big business, especially in a world increasingly aware of the impact pollution from car emissions can have on the environment. Now a slightly unlikely name is reportedly hoping to make a transition into the industry: Dyson, a company best known for making vacuum cleaners and those weird hand dryers. Read More >>

Dyson Sues Former Exec for Allegedly Leaking Secrets

Charles Dyson is about to sue his former right-hand man, accusing the company's recently departed chief executive of leaking confidential product information to... we don't know who. Someone in China that also makes hand dryers, probably. Read More >>

Students Will Earn a Salary at James Dyson’s New Institute of Technology

Sir James Dyson has decided to set up his own educational institute of sorts, the Dyson Institute of Technology, because he’s got engineering skills and he’s not afraid to share them. Read More >>

This Absurd £300 Hair Dryer is Actually Worth It

No one should need or want a £300 hair dryer. But Dyson, a company best known for its fancy vacuums, has made a hair dryer, and the damn thing might be the last you’ll ever need. Read More >>

Dyson 360 Eye Review: Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a Dust-Munching R2-D2, But Its App Sucks

There’s only one chore I actually like doing, and that’s the vacuum cleaning. I’ll scour the skirting boards for the last fleck of dust, doing my best “Bill Murray in Ghostbusters” impression all the while. So of all the jobs I’d happily give over to a robot helper, vacuum cleaning isn’t at the top of my list. And in the past, the performance of robot vacuum cleaners has been so poor as to not worry my professional vacuum cleaning aspirations. Read More >>

How to Make a DIY Dyson Bladeless Fan with a Water Jug and a Plant Vase

Dyson’s Bladeless Fans are wonderfully awesome but also ridiculously expensive. Am I really going to spend £300 on a fan? Nah. Thankfully, Rulof the master maker of things breaks down how to build the bladeless fan with a water jug, a few vases, and a microwave fan. Read More >>

Jake Dyson is Fixing The Way We Light Up Our Homes and Offices

We’ve been thinking about lighting the wrong way for years, apparently. Desk lamps with shades over globes, downlights in household ceilings, fluorescent light fixtures in offices. Jake Dyson, son of renowned inventor Sir James Dyson, and an entrepreneur and inventor in his own right, has turned his attention to making a better light — and fixing the way that designers use light in home and office spaces alike. Read More >>

Autonomous Dyson 360 Eye Robot Vacuum Set For June UK Release

Supreme Lord Dyson has finally got his home help robot together enough to give it an official launch date, with a new teaser of the autonomous vacuum suggesting it'll be on sale in the UK within six weeks. Read More >>

Dyson’s Electric Car Could Take on Tesla Thanks to Solid-State Batteries

A couple of months back, a government document accidentally revealed that Dyson has started work on its own electric vehicle. The company’s great with vacuum cleaners, hairdryers and all manner of home electronics, but an actual vehicle? Dyson may actually have what it takes, according to the experts, thanks largely to Sakti3, a battery company Dyson gobbled up last year. Read More >>

giz meets
Sir James Dyson: How to be a Successful Inventor

The path of an inventor is not an easy one. From his first invention in the 1970s (it was the Ballbarrow — a wheelbarrow with a ball) to his latest “baby”, the Supersonic hair dryer, Sir James Dyson has forged his own way. Read More >>

dyson v8 absolute review
Dyson V8 Absolute Review: The Rolls-Royce of Vacuum Cleaners

Cleaning shouldn’t be fun. It’s a chore, something you do to avoid the disgust of your peers and early death by disease, when you’d much rather just be slobbing away in front of your Xbox. So why the hell do I look forward to pulling the Dyson V8 Absolute cordless vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard? Read More >>