Christ Almighty, Now We Have to Reappraise the Usefulness of Dyson

Another previously written-off shitbag of a company is emerging as a hero amid the coronavirus war, as tax-dodging overseas hypocritical empire Dyson is riding to the rescue of our doomed population with 10,000 homebrew ventilators. We'll take everything back, Sir James, when your machine is doing the breathing for us in three weeks' time. Read More >>

Dyson’s New Flat Iron Is Impressive, But It’s Not Magic

Let me tell you: Straightening hair is a pain in the arse. For those born without pin-straight tresses, taming frizz, waves, and curls is an Entire Process that involves a mystical combination of heat, expensive hair-styling products, and praying that the weather cooperates with you because, as we all know, water and humidity are The Enemies of straight hair. After I tested out the Dyson Corrale, a £400 cordless flat iron that promises 50 per cent less heat damage, my DMs were flooded with friends asking if this thing is worth it. After playing around with it for a few days, my very unsatisfying answer is: It depends. Read More >>

I Can’t Afford Dyson’s £400 Cordless Flatiron, But It’s Kind of Amazing

I never know what to do with my hair, and boy oh boy have I made countless mistakes using flat irons. I’ve burned my hair, fingers, and other parts of my body with my clumsiness. When my budget for Japanese straight perms ran out, I went through periods of lopping off my mane entirely. Unfortunately, the “may-I-see-your-manager” look never worked for me personally. But all of my hair misfortunes supposedly make me the exact type of person that Dyson designed its new £400 Corrale cordless flat iron for. Read More >>

Dyson’s Doing Deals, Just Because

Props to Dyson for sending us some deals that aren't tied to any particular consumer holiday or made-up day (*side eyes Blue Monday*) – they're just random deals. Everything is terrible, why not save some money on hoovers? Read More >>

Dyson Improved On the Lamp Again, But Not the Price

Dyson has made a name for itself by meticulously designing products that typically far outperform its competitors’ offerings, but that extreme attention to detail and innovation often comes at a steep price. That’s the case with the company’s new Morph lamp: It manages to improve on Dyson’s Lightcycle lamp in many important ways, but with a price tag that starts at £500, it remains one of the company’s hardest sells. Read More >>

Dyson Failed to Make its Electric Car, and Paid £8 Million Back to the Government

A few years back Dyson was adamant that it was making an electric car (or three), which is a bit of an odd side project for a company known for making expensive vacuum cleaners and overpriced fans. Then suddenly Dyson decided that it wasn't going to make an electric car anymore, because making a profit on cars is hard. I guess that's because you need to have been selling cars for years to have that figured out. Read More >>

Dyson Kills Electric Car Development Saying It’s Too Hard to Make a Profit

Despite developing an expertise in batteries and electric motors over the years with all the R&D behind its cyclone vacuums, in an email sent to staff today that was shared with The Verge, CEO James Dyson announced his company would abandon its plans for an electric car, citing concerns it couldn’t find a way to make it commercially viable. Read More >>

Dyson Told to Stop Hiding the Power Leads in its Adverts

Sir James Lord Admiral of the Artificial Winds Dyson and his merry band of overseas manufacturers are in trouble with the UK's advertising watchdog, with the Advertising Standards Authority telling the company to make sure people can see the power leads in its future adverts for sleek and glossy home fans; as some may get the impression they are wirelessly powered somehow. Read More >>

The Unexpected Drawbacks of Dyson’s Cordless Miracle

It was easy to get excited about the Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute, when it launched last spring. The cordless vacuum is “so good, it’s killing cords altogether,” wrote a Gizmodo colleague. I’ve now been using my Dyson Cyclone V10 for a year, and it might be too good, too powerful. No wonder Dyson redesigned the thing. Read More >>

Dyson’s £500 Daylight Tracking Light Is the Only Lamp I’ve Ever Had to Reboot

Best known for its vacuums, in recent years Dyson has expanded its lineup with products that have nothing to do with cleaning. The Lightcycle smart lamp ventures furthest from the company’s typical products. It’s a masterpiece of engineering, but in true Dyson fashion still comes with a staggering £500 price tag. Read More >>

The Most Exciting Update to Dyson’s New Cordless Vac Is…  a Battery Meter?

If something runs on batteries, you’ll find a battery meter somewhere on it. Your smartphone, your vape; even batteries themselves can tell you how close they are to dying. So why am I excited about Dyson’s inclusion of a redesigned battery meter on its new V11 cordless vacuum? It finally alleviates the anxieties of not knowing when it’s going to suddenly run out of power while you’re in the middle of cleaning up a mess. Read More >>

Dyson’s Daylight Tracking Lamp Matches the Light Outside So You Don’t Feel Like Such a Shut-In

We’ve spent decades bathed in the glow of artificial light, but it’s only recently that we’ve started to realise our bodies are naturally tuned to the sun, and exposure to the fake stuff can throw off sleep schedules and even damage our eyes. Dyson, which has re-engineered everything from vacuums to hair dryers, is introducing a new lamp that takes advantage of LED technology to mimic the tone and intensity of natural light to fool your body into thinking you spend more time outside than you do. Read More >>

Brexiteer James Dyson Moves His Company To Singapore

Sir James Dyson, the famously pro-Brexit head of his eponymous hoover company, has announced that the company will be moving its headquarters to Singapore. Read More >>

A V10 Designed for Kids is the Only Affordable Way to Buy a Dyson

Dyson vacuum cleaners are, by all accounts, pretty great at what they do. They suck, but in the only good way we're allowed to talk. Assuming we want to avoid being on the receiving end of some stern words from someone in management. The problem is Dyson knows they're good, and charges a goddamn fortune as a result. Well lucky for you there is an affordable way to get one, but the downside is it's a toy vacuum made for children. Read More >>

Windy Gadget Wins James Dyson Award 2018

Dyson has given the James Dyson Award for 2018 to a pair of students from Lancaster University for their O-Wind Turbine, which harnesses inner-city wind to create electricity. Read More >>