Let’s All Take a Long, Deep Breath

Humanity, man. We’ve had a good run, and have come up with some really neat stuff, but I think we could all use a bit of a breather. Nothing permanent, just a short break where we stop for a moment and maybe reconsider our priorities. Read More >>

Former Facebook Exec: ‘You Don’t Realise It But You Are Being Programmed’

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Seven Real Products That Get Their Names From Dystopian Fiction

We all use dystopian movies and books to make sense of our world. Whether it’s Brave New World, 1984, or The Hunger Games, dystopian fiction serves as a common touchpoint to talk about our fears. But what happens when companies knowingly embrace the dark side of futurism and start naming products after the things we were supposed to find scary? Read More >>

This Instagram Account Proves We’re Living in Blade Runner’s Future

How close are we to living in Blade Runner's dark and moody dystopia of 2019? Pretty damn close, if you follow the Instagram account bladerunnerreality. At least aesthetically. Read More >>