Government Told to be Nicer to Vapers

A committee of MPs looking into the modern issue of vaping has declared it basically a good thing that should be encouraged, as current thinking suggests there's little evidence that e-cigs are a "gateway" to real old fashioned smoking, and that any option that keeps people away from the old cancerous type of burny-burny cigarettes ought to be embraced and more easily prescribed by doctors. Read More >>

The Best Box Mods: Next-Level Vaping Beyond E Cigs

Looking to move up in the vaping world? It's time to start considering the best box mods. I've already rounded up a range of entry level, mass market e-cig devices, the best e-cig 'eGo' devices that people just starting out with vaping might pick up to test the waters. Now attentions are being turned to the ever growing market of box mod vaping kits, which represent a step up in vaping quality experience and customisation for the more serious user. If you're looking to upgrade to one of the best box mods, this should help you find the one for you. Read More >>

Gizmodo’s Ultimate Guide to Vaping

The world of vaping doesn’t make immediate sense. Whether you want to vape plant matter, wax, or e-liquids, you probably want to do some research before you start dropping cash on mods. Don’t worry, though. We did the research for you. Read More >>

E-Cigs Should Be Encouraged and Endorsed, Declares Doctor Report

E-cigarettes have received overwhelming support in a new Royal College of Physicians report, which says they should be used to help smokers quit. The people in lab coats have declared the electronic puffers “much safer” than regular fags, and said they make it easier to kick the bucket habit. Read More >>

This Is What Happens When an E-Cig Explodes in Your Pocket

An Kentucky man was sent to the hospital for second-degree burns last weekend, when his e-cig exploded like a firework in his pocket. And he hasn’t been the only one with such luck. Read More >>

The Best E-Cig (2015 Edition)

The "best e-cig" is a hard title to bestow. E-cigarettes come in so many different shapes and sizes, catering (quite literally) to so many different tastebuds and bank balances that crowning one vaping kit as the best e-cig offering out there can be contentious. Read More >>

KanaVape is the UK’s First Dedicated Cannabis E-Cig

The first e-cigarette dedicated to vaping cannabis (or, at least, a vape-friendly form of it) has gone on sale in the UK. Read More >>

E-cigarettes Help Fire-Based Smokers Quit or Reduce Smoking

New research into the modern phenomenon of "vaping" suggests the electronic form of cigarette isn't in fact a gateway drug to the real thing, with a survey finding that e-cigs can actually help proper smokers of the actual smoke kind massively reduce their intake. Read More >>

E-Cigarettes May Be Bad For Your (Computer’s) Health

Are e-cigarettes better for your health than traditional cigarettes? Probably. Are traditional cigarettes better for your computer's health than e-cigarettes? Potentially. Read More >>

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Short film: What You Need to Know About Vaping and E-Cigarettes

Vaping and e-cigarettes are everywhere these days. More and more people are carrying around those cylindrical metal flutes and blowing out giant cloud puffs that it all seems so common. But because the industry is so new, no one really knows what's going to happen. The New Yorker made this short doc to find out. Read More >>

The World Health Organization Wants to Ban E-Cigarettes Indoors

The World Health Organization has published a report that argues for stiff regulation of electronic cigarettes — and calls for a ban on their use indoors. Read More >>

Of Course it’s the Dutch That Have Invented the World’s First Electric Joint

It was only a matter of time -- as the popularity of the e-cig continues to rise, we've now got the first vaping e-cig designed specifically for use with cannabis. And where else could it herald from than from the land of the cannabis cafe, the Netherlands? Read More >>

Study: Some E-Cigs Put Out Tobacco-Like Levels of Carcinogens

An upcoming study in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research says that some tank-style e-cigarettes emit cancer-causing formaldehyde in their vapour at levels similar to traditional tobacco cigarettes. The New York Times, which revealed the findings ahead of publication, says a second study confirms the results. Read More >>

Bad News: E-Cigs Alter Cells a Lot Like Tobacco Does

A new cancer study brings more bad news to the e-cigarette industry. Scientists exposed human bronchial cells to e-cig vapour and found that it altered the cells in a way not dissimilar to tobacco. In other words, that delicious, seemingly risk-free nicotine vapour might not be so benign, after all. Read More >>