Teenager Builds London Out Of Unwanted PC Parts

An 18-year-old artist from Zimbabwe has used e-waste to create a beautiful small-scale model of Westminster out of old computer parts. Read More >>

One Woman’s Rubbish is Everyone Else’s £130,800 Vintage Apple-1 Computer

Most of the time, recycled electronics are too crappy to sell on eBay. But one California e-recycling centre recently received one of the most coveted gadgets ever: A genuine Apple-1 computer. Read More >>

This Designer Uses the Silver Inside All the Gadgets We Throw Away

How long have you had the computer or phone you're reading this on? How about the others that proceeded it? Inside all of these electronics are precious metals that are usually trashed—even though they are still usable, as this Cape Town jeweller proves. Read More >>

How to Stop Data Thieves From Stealing Information Off Your Old Gadgets

Considering our collective thirst to upgrade to the latest shiny gadget, it's not surprising that consumer electronics generate a nasty amount of waste—some 3.4 million tonnes of e-waste year. We are device-gobbling monsters who grow strong on the gleaming newness of our machines. But tossing out "old" devices creates an overlooked hazard. Read More >>

3d printing
Someone Made a 3D Printer Out of a Floppy Disk Drive and Other E-Waste

E-waste is all around us, but as the brilliant Instructables user behind this 3D printer proves, there's plenty to be done with it – with a little light engineering required. Read More >>

Mushrooms Can Mine the Gold From Your Old Mobile Phones

Crack open your old phone, and you'll find lots of circuits and no lack of precious metals. "In 100,000 phones, it's estimated that there is 2.4 kilograms of gold, more than 900 kilograms of copper, 25 kilograms of silver, and more," according to Motherboard. Could a safer and and cheaper method of recovering that metal come by way of fungi? Read More >>

Old iPhones are Being Repurposed to Decorate Your House

Recycling e-waste is kind of important. Our devices are full of heavy metals and toxins that probably shouldn't just chill in landfills. But iPhone repair company Twice Used is designing housewares that put a new spin on old handsets. Read More >>

Turning Old TVs and Outdated Computer Screens Into Brand New Tiles

E-waste is an environmental nightmare. What if the overflow of outdated tech junk could be put to better use than landfill fodder? Read More >>

E-Hell on Earth: Where the West’s Electronics Go to Die

While western consumers clamour for the latest and greatest in consumer electronics, our older digital devices are inundating and poisoning a generation of children in Ghana. Colorado Springs Gazette reporter Michael Ciaglo recently visited the largest e-waste processing site in the African nation and returned with some very damning images. That new iPhone of yours had better be worth it. Read More >>

Simple Educational Toys Hacked From Electronic Waste

After passing a mountainous pile of e-waste crawling with children collecting electronic scraps, Dhairya Dand, a researcher from Singapore, came up with an idea to deal with both problems. The ever-growing piles of e-waste, and the kids who scavenge them instead of going to school. Read More >>

Turn Your E-Waste Into Furniture and Hide It In Plain Sight

There are lots of recycling programs that will happily salvage the raw materials from your outdated electronics. But if you still can't let your old 386 go, maybe Rodrigo Alonso has another solution for you—turn it into gaudy furniture. Read More >>

Your Old iPod Might Kill Off Currys

The EU’s just decided that you should be able to dump your old and busted electronics on shops, whether or not you bought them there and even if you’re not buying anything new from them. The retailers will have to fund the e-waste clean up, which means your dead iPod or stereo might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for stores on the edge like Currys. Read More >>