You Soon Won’t Be Able to Play EA’s Official Tetris Game on Your iPhone

In a stark reminder that you rarely actually own anything you buy digitally, Electronic Arts’ iOS Tetris games will not only be disappearing from the App Store on April 21, but the games themselves will no longer be playable on iPhones and iPads – even if you paid for them. Read More >>

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What You Need to Know About Star Wars’ Imperial Inquisitorius

Jedi: Fallen Order presents Star Wars fans with a foe that may be a bit unfamiliar to them, as young Jedi purge survivor Cal Kestis goes up against the sinister agents of the Emperor known as the Inquistorius. But these saber-spinning acolytes already have a rich and tragic place in Star Wars’ canon. Here’s what you need to know before you go slicing them up. Read More >>

EA Origin Users, Update Your Client Now

Between Anthem, multiple rounds of layoffs, and all the trouble the publisher has had with various Star Wars games recently, EA has had a pretty rocky last 12 months. But strangely, a recent bug with its Origin game client might be one of the company’s most serious issues yet. Read More >>

In the First Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Trailer, a New Jedi Hero Rises

At this year’s Star Wars Celebration the creative team behind Respawn’s upcoming Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order took to the stage to debut the game’s first trailer and discuss Star Wars’ newest Jedi: Cal Kestis. Read More >>

Brace Yourselves, Battlefront II’s Microtransactions Are Coming Back

If you didn't know Star Wars: Battlefront II was in trouble, then I do wonder where you've been. The game was launched amid mass controversy over the loot box-based microtransaction systems implemented, with accusations levelled at publisher EA including a system trying to milk gamers for as much money as possible. Read More >>

EA Has Turned off Microtransactions in Battlefront II, But Only Temporarily

People have been stirring up an unholy shitstorm for the past few days, after it was discovered just extensive microtransactions had been woven into the fabric of EA's new Star Wars game Battlefront II. Last night, just before launch, EA confirmed that microtransactions had been switched off. For now anyway. Read More >>

Congratulations to EA for Posting the Most Hated Comment in Reddit History

While Reddit sometimes overstates its value as a space for authentic conversations online, the massive community-driven website has served as a kind of town hall where everyone from everyone from Elon Musk and Barack Obama to a dildo manufacturer have responded to questions from completely un-vetted strangers. Sometimes it goes well. For Electronic Arts, the new owner of the most hated comment in Reddit’s history, not so much. Read More >>

Star Wars Battlefront’s Fighter Squadron Mode is Everything I’ve Ever Wanted

I really miss X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. I miss it every day. It was a high point in my childhood, flying around setting S-foils to attack position and adjusting laser fire patterns and blasting bad guys. It’s not quite as fully fledged a space dogfighting experience, but the Fighter Squadron mode in Star Wars: Battlefront looks like it’ll be amazingly good fun, and very pretty to boot. Read More >>

EA Adds Women’s Teams to FIFA 16

In news that some might argue should have happened years ago, Electronic Arts has announced that it's adding women's international football teams to FIFA 16. Read More >>

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4chan Cybersquats on EA’s Star Wars Domain

If you're going to make a game based around a world renowned gaming franchise, it behooves you to make sure you've paid top dollar for every single conceivable variation on its URL. This is a lesson that Electronic Arts is finding out the hard way as members of 4chan's /v/ board have demonstrated this afternoon. Read More >>

Titanfall is Free to Play for 48 Hours

Looking to counteract the hysteria around the Steam Summer Sale, EA is letting PC gamers on its Origin service play the amazing Titanfall for 48 hours, starting this weekend. [Origin] Read More >>

It’s Hard to Believe This War Movie is Made From Battlefield 4 Gameplay Footage

EA, get these guys a job -- in this two minute clip they're doing a better job of selling the Battlefield series than all the hours of official pre-rendered promotional glitz put together. Read More >>

Is EA Cheating the Google Play App Rating System With Dungeon Keeper?

EA isn't exactly always the most well-loved of developers, despite its games regularly topping the charts. Bug-filled launches of high-profile titles like Battlefield 4 and SimCity have caused significant consumer backlashes in recent times. But it now seems EA may be employing shady tactics to ensure its new Dungeon Keeper mobile app avoids public criticism. Read More >>

EA Shocks Gamers With “Free” Android and iOS FIFA 14

EA's annual FIFA mega-franchise has arrived on Android and iOS, with the publishing giant making the shock move of releasing this year's mobile version of FIFA 14 for free. We suspect there may just be one or two in-app purchases lurking inside it, though. Read More >>