Scottish Sea Eagles Rehomed on the South Coast

A few descendants of the Norwegian sea eagles reintroduced to Scotland in the 1970s are about to be rehoused 500 miles or so further south, as a plan to repopulate the south coast of England with the massive white-tailed raptors has seen the first six birds released to find new homes on and around the Isle of Wight. Read More >>

Scotland Tests Laser Eagle Scarer

Some parts of rural Scotland are lucky enough to have white tailed sea eagles flying about above them, which is lovely for wildlife enthusiasts and tourists. Problem is, crofters who rear sheep in the area are just about fed up with the threat some of these birds pose to their lambs each spring. Hence ultimate tech cureall LASERS to the rescue. Read More >>

Turns Out Eagles Are a Bad Solution for Capturing Rogue Drones

In January of last year, the Dutch National Police announced they were training eagles to take down misbehaving drones. More than a year later, police have determined that perhaps sicking massive birds of prey at rogue contraptions in the sky isn’t an ideal solution. NOS reports that Dutch police are retiring the project due to low demand, high costs, and unexpected drawbacks. According to Dutch news site NLTimes, “the birds would not always do what they were trained for.” Read More >>

Met Police Plan Fantastical Eagles Vs Drones Sky Battles

London's Met Police are not immune to viral internet videos, with that superb Dutch test of living anti-drone tech reaching the offices of force commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe. He says London might one day use a similar system, should trials prove a success. Read More >>

Dutch Police are Training Eagles to Capture Drones

Is it a drone? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s a trained eagle hunting down an unmanned aerial vehicle like it’s a slow and useless animal that it wants to eat for dinner. Read More >>