Sony’s Ear Puts an AI Inside Your, Er, Ear

Sony clearly watched Joaquin Phoenix in Her. Its latest announcement is an earpiece that interacts with your phone to inject the sweet mutterings of an AI straight into your skull. Welcome to the future. Read More >>

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This Is What a 3D-Printed Replacement Ear Looks Like

If you're in the market for a replacement ear, how about one of these wonderful little 3D printed ones? Read More >>

Spider Lives In Woman’s Ear For a Whole Five Days

I'm a grown man, yet, along with a lot of other people (read: the world), spiders creep me the fudge out. Eurghh. So, upon seeing this, my mind immediately took me to a land of happy rainbows and fluffy bunnies to keep me away from the horrible, horrible reality that is this story. I hope your ears are clean, because for a woman only known as 'Ms. Lee", her ear was home to a spider for five whole days. Read More >>