If You Want Earbuds With a Cord, the Powerbeats 4 Are the Ones

Sometimes it feels like we went from using wired earbuds plugged into a smartphone headphone jack to wearing completely wire-free Bluetooth ‘buds overnight. But between the two eras were corded Bluetooth earbuds, which some still prefer because it’s tougher to lose an earbud when it’s strung to its partner. For those folks, Apple’s Beats brand just launched new Powerbeats. Read More >>

Jabra’s New Workout Earbuds Are Perfect

Jabra just made the perfect workout earbuds.

Sennheiser’s New Wireless Earbuds Up the Ante with Active Noise Cancellation

Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless earbuds delivered one of the best audio experiences around when they debuted. But that was 2018. The competition to offer a premium audio experience in a pint-sized, long-lasting package has increased exponentially since in the year and a half since, with even Apple levelling up with active noise cancellation and sweat resistance in its newest AirPods Pro. Now Sennheiser is back with the Momentum True Wireless 2, which iterates on the original Momentum earbuds with lengthier battery life, slightly smaller size, and active noise cancellation in addition to the passive noise isolation we loved in the original Momentum earbuds. Read More >>

The ‘New’ Galaxy Buds+ Are Barely Any Different From the Old Galaxy Buds

When a new phone comes out we're all pretty clued in on what happens. The specs don't change that much, and you only end up with tiny incremental updates each time a new device is released. We don't like it, but we're used to it. Now, though, the problem is that those incremental updates are creeping out into other devices, and the new Galaxy Buds+ are the prime example. Read More >>

LG’s First Truly Wireless Earbuds Come With a Bacteria-Killing UV Light

Just in the last year, we’ve seen a bunch of big names announcer their first truly wireless earbuds including Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and more. And now it’s LG’s turn to give it a try with its new Tone Free earbuds. Read More >>

How Jabra’s Amazing New Earbuds Measure Up to AirPods Pro

For the past month or so, I’ve been carrying two sets of earbuds with me everywhere I go. In a compact, instantly recognisable white case, there are the £250 AirPods Pro. In a similarly sized, nondescript black case, there are the £170 Jabra Elite 75t. They’re the best earbuds I’ve gotten my hands on this year, and I almost can’t decide which ones I like better. Almost. Read More >>

These Are the Best Earbuds for the Money

Everybody’s nuts about AirPods. They’re small, and they work great with iPhones. Now there are AirPods Pro, and they’re more expensive but better in some ways. They’re still not the best, in my opinion. Jabra just released its latest truly wireless earbuds, the Elite 75t, and somehow, this humble Danish company has managed – yet again – to build something better. They’re small, and they work great with any device. I’m nuts about them. Read More >>

Allow Me to Criticise the AirPods Pro, Which I Love

I’ve never loved the AirPods. That’s mainly because I’m one of the few people whose ears just don’t fit with the mostly universal design. But they wouldn’t be so popular if they weren’t great earbuds. So when Apple announced the AirPods Pro with different fit options and a flurry of new features, I thought it must be time for me to be a fanatic. I’ve been using them for a week, and I love them. I also don’t think they’re for everyone. Read More >>

Google Has Wire-Free Pixel Buds on the Way

A couple of years ago Google announced the Pixel Buds, a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that used a single cable to connect both earpieces. By all accounts they sucked, and frankly didn't even fit very well, but now it seems Google has learned from that with the launch of the wireless Pixel Buds. Read More >>

Leaker Claims Alexa-Powered Earbuds Are Amazon’s Next Big Device

Amazon has a product launch scheduled for later this week on Wednesday, and alongside a bunch of updated Echo speakers, recent leaks claim Amazon’s next big tech push could come in the form of Alexa-powered wireless earbuds. Read More >>

Researchers Think It’s a Good Idea to Secure Your Phone Using the One Thing You Perpetually Lose

Apple’s FaceID authentication system started moving smartphone users away from relying on fingerprints to secure their mobile devices, which are arguably less secure. But researchers think they’ve come up with an even better biometric tool for protecting a device that uses a part of the body that’s nearly impossible to spoof: a user’s ear canals. Read More >>

IFA 2019: Huawei’s Other Big IFA Reveal is an Airpod Clone

So aside from the reveal of the Kirin 990, what else does Huawei have in store for us this year? Well it's not the Mate 30 series - - that gets its own launch at the end of the month--its a pair of wireless earbuds that look very much like Apple's Airpods. Read More >>

IFA 2019: Jabra’s Great Truly Wireless Earbuds Just Got Better

Jabra just announced the next generation of its popular truly wireless earbuds. The new Elite 75t look like a slimmed-down version of the 65t earbuds, which we love. Based on our first peek at the product, it sure looks like Jabra took a great set of earbuds and made them just a little bit better. Read More >>

Finally, A Proper AirPods Competitor

The first time I picked up the Jaybird Vista truly wireless earbuds, a thought started looping through my head: These things are impossibly tiny and light. Even the case is pocket-sized. The sheer portability reminded me of AirPods, but there’s an essential distinction. The new Jaybird earbuds are practically bombproof. You can get them wet or bury them in dirt, and they’ll keep working. Functionally, the Vistas are probably the best fitness-focused earbuds I’ve tested. And did I mention—they’re so light! Read More >>

Sony’s New Wireless Earbuds Put Surprisingly Good Noise Cancelling in your Pocket

Sony has been trying to crack a tough nut for the past couple of years. The company wants to translate the tremendous success it’s had making over-ear noise-cancelling headphones and shrink the technology down to something you can put in your pocket. The new £220 WF-1000XM3 represent its latest attempt at miniaturising its excellent noise-cancelling technology. They also represent some impressive progress, and the result is a terrific set of earbuds unlike anything else on the market. Read More >>