Entire Town Levelled as Yet Another Massive Earthquake Hits Italy

Just a few months after central Italy was battered by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake, the region has been struck again, and harder. Read More >>

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Drone Footage Shows the Earthquakes in Italy Were Far Worse Than Anyone Thought

Yesterday, a massive 6.1 magnitude earthquake rocked central Italy. It was followed by nearly 200 aftershocks, devastating whole towns and burying residents under rubble. Over 4,000 rescuers have been dispatched and the death toll has jumped to 247, the BBC reports. Read More >>

An Earthquake Swarm Has Taken Over Central California 

Central California is currently in the middle of an earthquake swarm, with up to 18 (and counting) tiny quakes shaking things up over the course of a single day. The situation is not, however, as ominous as it may seem. Read More >>

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What it’s Like to be in Nepal After the Earthquake

Another massive earthquake hit Nepal today, this time the epicentre was near Mount Everest. It’s so sad because the people of Nepal are still recovering from the 7.8-magnitude earthquake just two weeks ago that had killed thousands and wrecked Nepal to an unimaginable degree. Samaritan’s Purse filmed this short to tell the stories of the survivors and shows ways in which we can help out. Read More >>

Two Ways You Can Join Nepal’s Earthquake Relief Effort From a Computer

There are a few important ways you can contribute to the Nepal earthquake relief effort from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Read More >>

Photos From the Devastating 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Nepal

Tragedy struck the world when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Kathmandu, Nepal yesterday morning. Over a 1000 people have died in the disaster that turned buildings into rubble and leveled the city’s 200-foot tall Dharahara Tower to the ground. The quake was so strong it caused an avalanche on Mount Everest and was felt in India, Tibet, and Bangladesh. Read More >>

How Japan’s 2011 Earthquake is Still Changing the Climate

The 9.0 Tohoku earthquake damaged thousands of buildings when it ripped through Japan four years ago. Much of that debris is gone now, but the broken buildings had an invisible effect, too: the earthquake released thousands of tonnes of ozone-destroying greenhouse gases into the air. Read More >>

It Took 2.1 Years For Fukushima’s Radioactive Plume to Reach the US

Caesium 134 and caesium 137: The two isotopes that were released into the Pacific Ocean when an earthquake ruined the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant on the eastern coast of Japan in 2011. The panic over the leakage was instantaneous in the US—but a new study shows whether it was valid. Read More >>

Manslaughter Conviction for Italian Scientists Overturned

In 2012, the Italian courts handed down a decision that you could say sent shockwaves across the world. Seven Italian scientists were sentenced to six years in prison. Their crime? Failing to warn the public about earthquake risks right before a magnitude 6.3 quake killed 309 people. Six of those convictions have now been overturned. Read More >>

Early Earthquake Warning App Can Give You a Head Start on Disaster

Thirty seconds doesn't seem like a long time, but it can be the window between life and death when an earthquake hits. That's why Early Warning Labs is teaming up with the U.S. government on an early warning app that'll give people in earthquake-prone areas some added time. Read More >>