Experiment Could Help Scientists Predict Avalanches Through Sound

It turns out that 8,000 tiny plastic disks in a rotating drum could help scientists develop a technique to forecast avalanches or earthquakes through sound. Read More >>

UK Vaguely Wobbled by Mild Earthquake Horror as Weak Tremor Jingles Tea Cups in Cumbria

The small talk in Cumbria today is going to be about something other than the weather, believe it or not. The lucky residents get to remark upon the happening on an earthquake for once, after a 3.2 magnitude tremor hit the county. Read More >>

Powerful Earthquake Hits Taiwan, Partially Collapses Hotel

A powerful earthquake struck Taiwan yesterday, causing damage and a partially collapsed hotel building, sources report. Read More >>

Study With One-Word Abstract Finds Moon Phases Don’t Predict Earthquakes

Rather than a simple "yes/no" answer, science usually gives us a more “evidence suggests” or “this correlation proposes” sort of situation, even if the public’s understanding is generally a little less nuanced. So USGS Seismologist Susan Hough found the right question: Read More >>

Magnitude 7.1 Earthquake Strikes Peru

A “strong magnitude 7.1 earthquake” struck the southern coast of Peru on Sunday morning, leaving at least one dead, several missing, and dozens injured, CNBC reported. Read More >>

What Are Those Mysterious ‘Earthquake Lights’ Popping Up on Social Media?

The complexities of rare and extraordinary natural phenomena, like powerful earthquakes, come with mysteries not fully understood. One that seems to get quite a bit of attention from scientists and skeptics alike is earthquake lights, flashes or glowing phenomena that occur before or during a quake. Read More >>

Why Did Montana Experience a Powerful Earthquake Last Night?

Last night, planet Earth rumbled in a place where it usually doesn’t rumble: Montana, USA. But it also rumbled in the Philippines. Come to think of it, it rumbled in Vanuatu and Japan too. The Earth rumbles a lot. Read More >>

Robot Journalist Accidentally Reports on Earthquake from 1925

Yesterday, the Los Angeles Times reported on a 6.8 earthquake that struck Santa Barbara at 4:51pm. Which might be surprising to the people of Santa Barbara who didn’t feel anything. The big problem with the story? The earthquake happened in 1925. Read More >>

Lincoln Residents Cheat Death as Mild Earthquake Rips Through Village

The epicentre of an earthquake hit the site of the UK village of Reepham on Monday, with locals reacting with mild curiosity and several going so far as to disengage from their smartphones to remark upon the quake to friends and colleagues. Read More >>

Enormous Mudslide Devastates New Zealand Marine Reserve

New Zealand’s Kaikoura Canyon — known for its abundant seabed life — is now an undersea wasteland following a series of earthquake-induced mudslides. Read More >>

An Obscure Fault in Southern California is More Dangerous Than We Thought

A little-known fault underneath the southern Californian city of Santa Barbara is capable of producing stronger shaking and more damage during an earthquake than previously thought, according to new research. Called the Ventura-Pitas Point Fault, it’s now thought to be capable of producing magnitude 8.0 earthquakes, and even tsunamis. Read More >>

Dozens Missing After Horrific Avalanche Engulfs Italian Hotel

As many as 30 guests are missing following an overnight avalanche at a hotel in Italy’s Gran Sasso mountain area. Poor weather conditions and the remote location of the hotel are making rescue efforts difficult. Read More >>

Relive 15 Years of Earthquakes in Four Mesmerising Minutes

A few weeks ago, the US National Weather Service’s Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) released this soothing and terrifying animation of every earthquake it recorded from 1st January 2001 to 31st December 2015. Here’s my suggested backing track, and here’s how the video’s description says to read the map: Read More >>

Huge Earthquake in the Pacific Sparks Tsunami Fears

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake has rocked the Solomon Islands about 42 miles off the coast of Kirakira. A subsequent Tsunami watch was issued for Hawaii, but was canceled. Areas close to the quake are also on tsunami alerts. Read More >>

Why This Week’s Fukushima Earthquake Was an Aftershock From 2011

When a magnitude 6.9 earthquake rocked the Fukushima prefecture of Japan on Tuesday, fear swept the island nation that it could herald a repeat of the tsunami and nuclear disaster at Fukushima five years ago, both of which were caused by an enormous, magnitude 9.1 earthquake. Read More >>