BBC Suspends Filming of EastEnders, Casualty and More

The BBC has taken action to protect its production teams by suspending the making of programmes categorised as continuing dramas, seeing as the entire nation is living through a never ending version of the first three minutes of a Casualty special. Read More >>

MPs Criticise BBC’s HD Albert Square Money Pit

The Public Accounts Committee has given the BBC a right old mauling in front of everyone in the Queen Vic and the nation at large, claiming the corporation has seriously mismanaged the building of Albert Square 2.0; an HD-ready complete rebuild of the EastEnders set that's been in construction for years. Read More >>

EastEnders Creates Own Plot Hole With Mobile Phone Number Gaffe

EastEnders, which used to be depressing but is now a lighthearted alternative to reality and news, made quite a silly mistake last week. A very modern mistake to do with mobile phones that wouldn't have happened on Coronation Street in the 1950s. Read More >>

“Unexpected Item in Bagging Area” Woman Uncovered

A former EastEnders star turned voice actor has been outed as the "Unexpected item in bagging area" lady, who's constantly reprimanding the nation by having her voice installed on over 10,000 supermarket tills. Read More >>

A Pat Butcher Clock Is Your Eastenders-Fan-Club Deal of the Day

Sometimes an item appears over the horizon that is just so must-have that you find yourself smashing open your piggy bank and pulling the sofa apart in order to pull together the funds to buy it. Read More >>