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The Best Easter Eggs and References in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

It's finally here, four years after Disney bought Star Wars back to the big screen it's gone and finished the trilogy it started and supposedly brought an end to the episodic Skywalker saga. Whether you believe that or not, it's fair to say this is the end of Star Wars movies for the immediate future. Read More >>

There Was a Very Sneaky Captain America Easter Egg in Avengers: Endgame We All Missed

Avengers: Endgame might be Tony Stark’s story but it is, for better or worse at times, in many ways equally a love letter to Chris Evans’ journey as Captain America. So maybe it’s not surprising that one of the film’s most devilishly-difficult-to-spot Easter eggs in a cheeky callback to one of Cap’s cinematic foes. Read More >>

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Googling ‘Thanos’ Makes Terrifying Things Happen

Google's made a little Avengers: Endgame Easter egg to celebrate the launch of the film, and it is unnerving. Read More >>

5 of the Best Easter Eggs on the OnePlus 6T

We do love a good Easter egg on a new piece of tech, and it seems OnePlus feels the same, because they've included a whole bunch of them on the brand new 6T. Read More >>

All the Easter Eggs and References We Spotted in Ant-Man and the Wasp

Today is the day. Almost a month after the film was released in the US, Marvel and Disney have finally decided people in the UK are allowed to go and see Ant-Man and the Wasp without going to France. Now that the film is finally out, we can get round to pointing out all the different easter eggs and references to the greater Marvel universe hidden within the film. Read More >>

Silicon Valley’s Season Five Trailer Has a Hidden Message for All You Nerds Out There

The fifth season of hit HBO show Silicon Valley is coming out in late March, though we’ve already gotten a trailer filled with temp engineers, urinating dogs and what appears to be a complete and total crisis of faith in satirical tech company Pied Piper’s business model. But it also has a hidden Easter egg for certain fans with an eye for that kind of thing. Read More >>

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All the Easter Eggs and References We Spotted in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Today is the day we've been waiting two years for, with Episode VIII of Star Wars' Skywalker Saga arriving in cinemas. By all accounts The Last Jedi is one of the best Star Wars films ever made, and even though the bar wasn't set very high *cough* Attack of the Clones *cough* it's still quite an accomplishment. Read More >>

All the Easter Eggs and References We Spotted in Justice League

After years of aborted starts, failed attempts, and a troubled production, Justice League is finally here. DC's premier superhero team finally has a big-screen live-action adaptation to call its own, and it's, well... I enjoyed it, despite the flaws. Some people didn't. Read More >>

Radiohead Secretly Hid an Old Computer Program in the Anniversary Edition of OK Computer

“Ancient” is a very relative term when talking about computer history. By the looks of it, however, Radiohead hid a computer program on the tape that comes with the 20th anniversary edition of OK Computer, and making it work feels like time travel. That’s because you’ll need an ‘80s-era, 8-bit computer, the ZX Spectrum, to run it. Read More >>

The Best Stuff to Do On the Google Homepage That Isn’t Googling

When Google’s engineers aren’t busy upgrading the serious stuff inside Google’s email apps or mobile OS, they like to leave little treats and games inside Google’s products — everything from humorous search results to hidden creatures. These are some of our favourites for when you’ve got five minutes or five hours to waste. Read More >>

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Watch Laser-Blasted Easter Eggs Become Animated Spirographs

If you thought the funky tie-dye Easter egg designs you created last weekend raised the bar, you’ve got about a year to try and top what Jiri Zemanek of the University of Prague came up with. His Easter eggs feature looped animated designs that look like a Spirograph has come to life. Read More >>

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Watch the Lucasfilm Story Group Point Out Several Obscure Rogue One Easter Eggs

The weekly Star Wars YouTube show, The Star Wars Show, has been off for a few weeks, but a bonus “Secrets Explained” episode popped up onFriday night featuring three members of the Lucasfilm Story Group talking about Easter eggs in Rogue One. Read More >>

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You Can Now See All the Star Wars: Rebels Easter Eggs in Rogue One

Rogue One is jam packed with connections big and small to the wider Star Wars universe, but some of the most delightful ones—and some of the hardest to spot—are the ones that tie the movie into Star Wars: Rebels. In case you missed them in the cinema, Disney has released high-res pictures of them for all to see. Read More >>

The Doom Soundtrack’s Spectogram is Packed With Satanic Visuals

Cool but creepy Easter Egg alert, people. Turn your volume up and the lights down, grab your nearest crucifix and hit the play button. Read More >>

Sophie Turner Revealed X-Men: Apocalypse’s Best Easter Egg

If you’re going to do an X-Men movie set in the ’80s, which record are you going to show Cyclops and Jean Grey picking up? There’s really only one option. Read More >>