Cadbury Cuts Mini Egg Sizes, Not So Much Prices

It probably won't surprise anyone who's been paying attention over the last few years, but "shrinkflation" is a thing now, and despite the confusing name it means things you like getting smaller while prices do not. In fact, sometimes the prices even go up. Read More >>

Conservative Wingnuts Celebrate Easter by Complaining About Google Doodles, Like Jesus Would

This weekend, people of varying denominations gathered with friends and family to celebrate. Reciting from the haggadah, Jews congregated around the seder table to commemorate their ancestors’ passage from Egypt. Christians marked the death and resurrection of Jesus. And in a markedly newer observance, conservatives decried their persecution at the hands of search engine for not drawing a thing. Read More >>

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Watch Laser-Blasted Easter Eggs Become Animated Spirographs

If you thought the funky tie-dye Easter egg designs you created last weekend raised the bar, you’ve got about a year to try and top what Jiri Zemanek of the University of Prague came up with. His Easter eggs feature looped animated designs that look like a Spirograph has come to life. Read More >>

The Pope’s Twitter Mentions are a Living Hell

The internet is, generally speaking, a rubbish dump suffused with vitriol and poison. “But surely,” some might ask, “the one, tiny corner of Twitter devoted to Cool Pope Francis would be a respite for our bitter, blackened hearts?” To which the answer is: of course not, no. Read More >>

Easter Might Never Happen in March Again

If you enjoy scoffing chocolate eggs surprisingly early in the year, then terrible news - as it is conceivable that Easter will never again take place in March. Read More >>

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These are the Trippiest Easter Eggs You’ll See All Day

Painting up Easter Eggs is always fun, but what happens when you use Matlab and equations that spit out spirographic art? Some really awesome eggs. Read More >>

Church of England Ad Gives Druggie Jesus a Crown of Syringes

A short film called He Is Risen! has been assembled by the Church of England, one that it hopes might have all the kids beating its old oak doors down and demanding to do some cool new praying over easter. The Church is going down the controversy route by giving a reformed drug addict a crown of syringes to wear, probably hoping it gets banned and on the news. Read More >>

How the Queen’s Enormous 1.8kg Easter Egg is Made

While you scoff your three Mars bar Easter eggs in one horrifying 45-minute window of self-hate this Sunday, the Queen will, of course, be enjoying something a little more classy from her authorised sweet makers. A 1.8kg hand-finished monster will be broken and slowly fed to her by a gloved assistant. Read More >>

A Brief History of Easter Eggs in Tech

The Easter egg—as in a hidden surprise or in-joke, not the chocolate treat—can be dated back to the last Russian imperial family who gifted people with jewel-encrusted Fabergé eggs containing additional surprises tucked away inside. Read More >>

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Red Hot Nickel Ball vs. Marshmallow Peeps: Fiery Death Has Never Been So Adorable

For whatever reason, Easter has become that special time of year when people everywhere gather round to destroy tiny, marshmallow birds in the most demented ways they know how. And so far, it looks like Red Hot Nickel Ball has this year on lockdown. Read More >>

What Happens to Marshmallow Peeps in a Vacuum

Anyone familiar with American springtime tradition will know about sending Peeps to their noble deaths via microwave. For everyone else, Peeps are marshmallow sweets, and microwaving them is apparently a thing over in the States (god knows why). Apparently microwaving is getting a bit old. How about a total vacuum instead? Read More >>

Robots Save Easter After Negligent Bunny Makes A Mess Of Everything

The Robotics and Perception Group in the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the University of Zurich is nailing it. Funded in 2012, they are studying the development of autonomous robots by making seasonal videos. Which is all anyone really wants. Read More >>

Tesco Easter Egg Hunt
Bag Yourself Some Free Chocolate Without Even Leaving Your Desk

It's Easter, and you know what that means -- chocolate! Because the Easter Bunny is real, damn it. And in some shameless self promotion, Tesco's taking to the virtual streets to hide some Easter eggs about town. Find three of the suckers and blag yourself one of the real variety. Time to get hunting. Read More >>

The Easter Eggs Are Back In OS X—and This One Is Great

Right after Steve Jobs came back to lead Apple, he declared a total ban on software Easter Eggs and credits in the About box of every product made in Cupertino. They are back now. And this one is insanely great: Read More >>