MIT Scientists Figured Out How to Eavesdrop Using a Crisp Packet

In a scenario straight out of "Enhance, enhance!", MIT scientists have figured out that the tiny vibrations on ordinary objects like a crisp packet, glass of water or even a plant can be reconstructed into intelligible speech. All it takes is a camera and a snappy algorithm. Take a listen. Read More >>

Chrome Bug Can Turn Whole Pages Into Record Buttons for Eavesdroppers

We've seen eavesdropping issues in Chrome before, like one exploit that lets sites ask for permission to the microphone, and then keeps listening long, long after. But now a new one discovered by Guy Aharonovsky goes a step further: it triggers listening with no permission, even if your microphone is completely disabled. Read More >>

Google Chrome Has a Bug That Could Let Anyone Eavesdrop on You

Voice control is an awesomely futuristic way to control your technology like a spaceman, but only if you can trust it. So you might want to stay tight-lipped around Chrome; Google's browser has a dangerous security flaw that can let malicious sites eavesdrop on your every word. Read More >>

O2 Bringing Back the Problem of “Crossed Lines” to a New Generation

Sporadic reports have been complaining of crossed lines on the O2 network, with the people of Birmingham apparently getting routed into and able to eavesdrop on the odd Scottish call. Read More >>