Ebay Is Finally Breaking It Off With PayPal, Which Is Doing Just Great By the Way

PayPal and eBay, two brands that were best friends forever for like 15 years or so, are destined to be platonic besties no longer. Read More >>

Police Force Sells Abandoned Underpants, Creased Skirts and DVDs to Fund Operations

Here's a lovely discovery some lucky journalist has made: the official Sussex Police eBay profile, where such glorious items as unclaimed underpants, random DVDs, broken ex-police torches and Beyonce's Midnight Heat as a Valentine's treat can be bought to do your bit to help the force meet its funding shortfall. Read More >>

Original Recipe Irn Bru ‘Fanny’ Bottle for Sale on eBay for £1,700

There's currently a glass bottle of Irn Bru on sale on eBay for £1,700. It's even got a bid on it. A limited edition bottle from 2013, it's got the word "Fanny" printed on it — from a promotion that ran in Scotland to tie in with the popular TV ad that ran at the time: Read More >>

People Are Selling the iMac Pro’s Space Grey Accessories for Obscene Amounts on eBay

Are you having a hard time justifying the cost of Apple’s new £5,000+ iMac Pro? If you’re willing to part with the computer’s matching Space Grey-coloured keyboard, mouse, and trackpad, which are only available with the desktop, you could sell them on eBay for obscene amounts and make some of your investment back. Read More >>

Paradise Papers Investigation Shows StubHub Rewarding Large-Scale Scalpers

In the most recent case of financial intrigue bubbling up following the leak of the Paradise Papers, an investigation by the CBC and the Toronto Star uncovered evidence of a multi-million-pound ticket scalping operation that StubHub not only permits but incentivises. And now the ticket reselling platform’s offices have been raided by authorities. Read More >>

iPhone Xs Are Already Being Scalped For Up to £1,400 on eBay

Remember how Nintendo's mini NES and SNES consoles got pre-ordered then immediately listed on eBay ready for the bids to come rolling in? Well the same thing is happening with the iPhone X, that phone that supposedly has a supply chain problem. Go on eBay right now and you'll see auctions selling of the new phone, and some are already in excess of the RRP. Read More >>

Martin Shkreli is Selling his One-of-a-Kind Wu-Tang Clan Album on eBay

Remember Martin Shkreli? That big-pharma CEO who seemed to be doing his absolute best to become the least-liked person in human history is back. Though this time it's not with any sort of behaviour that might anger large groups of people. The opposite actually, because he's selling his one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album on eBay. Read More >>

eBay Auction For Old FBI Surveillance Van Ends Today

Have you ever wanted to own an undercover FBI van, complete with video and audio recording equipment, and even a toilet in the back for those long stakeouts? Now’s your chance. Read More >>

People are Buying Cloned Cars on eBay and Being Conned out of Thousands

Cloned cars are a thing, they say, and they're being offered for sale on auction site eBay, where buyers might end up purchasing something that's been stolen and therefore lose all their money when the police and original owners turn up to get it back. Read More >>

‘£80,773’ Harambe Cheeto Is Everything Stupid About the Internet

A little over a week ago, seller valuestampsinc posted a listing on eBay for a Flaming Hot Cheeto vaguely resembling Harambe. On Monday, this inevitably became a viral story due to its exorbitant price—the final, winning big is a whopping $99,900 (£80,773). Read More >>

Ebay Is Finally Doing Something About Counterfeit Goods

When I was 18 years old, I bought a baby Louis Vuitton handbag off of eBay. It was about $300 (£246) and light blue. I loved it. Then, the zipper broke and when I took it to the Louis Vuitton store to get repaired, the snooty sales girl informed me that it was counterfeit. Eighteen-year-old me was incensed, humiliated, and embarrassed, but I learned an expensive (if important) lesson: Don’t buy designer goods off of eBay. Read More >>

Virgin America Create Shoes That Recreate the Experience of Flying First Class

The odds of winning a pair of Nike’s amazing self-lacing Air Mag sneakers are slim, but Virgin America’s custom First Class trainers, which turn you into a walking ad for the airline, could be a decent consolation prize. You just need to outbid everyone else who’s interested, since there’s only one pair in existence. Read More >>

Why Do People Want Thousands of Pounds For Disney VHS Tapes on eBay?

If you do a search for “Disney VHS” on eBay, you’ll find plenty of 1990s Disney movies to choose from. You’ll also notice something strange: a lot of people are asking for a tonne of money. Literally hundreds of people are asking for more than $1,000 (£771) per tape for everything from Beauty and the Beast to The Little Mermaid. Dozens more are asking for over $10,000 (£7,716) per tape. One person is asking for $1.5 million (£1.15 million) for 12 Disney tapes. What’s going on here? Read More >>

eBay is a Waking Nightmare of Amateur Trump Art

Have you ever wondered what Donald Trump might look like as a baby doll? Wonder no longer. Because you can pick up just such a monstrosity on eBay. In fact, you can pick up a lot of Trump-themed art on eBay. And it’s just as horrifying as you’d expect. Read More >>