eBay Keeps the Deals Rolling on the Final Amazon Prime Day

eBay is having its second day of sales today to coincide with Amazon Prime Day and for the rest of this week, customers can enjoy an additional 20 per cent off. Read More >>

eBay Continues to Muscle in on Amazon Prime Day 2019 With an Extended Sale

It's Amazon Prime Day 2019 today, but eBay is determined not to get overshadowed and is extending its 15 days of deals with an extra 20 per cent off today and tomorrow. Read More >>

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eBay Continues to Troll Amazon and We Bloody Love It

In case you somehow forgot, it's Amazon Prime Day next week, and eBay has been trolling the crap out of Amazon about it, going as far as planning a sale for if/when the site crashes. Read More >>

eBay is at it Again, Offering a Range of Products for the Price of an Amazon Prime Membership

Ebay is trolling Amazon once again and we're reaping the rewards. The online retailer is selling a bunch of products for the bargain price of £79 - the same as a Prime membership. Read More >>

eBay Trolls Amazon With the Announcement of Its Crash Sale Set for Prime Day

Amazon Prime Day, the most holiest of retail days outside of Black Friday, was announced yesterday and eBay is already getting in on the action by preempting server overloads with its Crash Sale. Read More >>

Ebay’s 36-Hour Site-Wide 10% off Sale Kicks off Today

Ebay is knocking 10 per cent off everything until tomorrow night - even things that are already discounted - so get your butt into gear and get over there. Read More >>

eBay Celebrates Festival Season With 20-75% off Festival-Centric Tech

The weather outside my window is currently torrential rain, which seems about right for festival season. And to think, this time last year we were at the start of a heatwave that killed off nearly all the plants in my overgrown back yard. But if you're planning on sitting in a muddy tent for at least one weekend of the summer, you should get yourself kitted out with the right equipment, and to help out eBay has another sale on. Read More >>

eBay’s Latest Flash Sale is Knocking 15% Off All Tech

It's nearly the weekend, and it's a bank holiday weekend at that, so there are lots of sales about. After all this is the last bank holiday until sometime in August, so we better do what we can to enjoy this day off work. eBay's decided to celebrate with another flash sale, this time knocking 15% off all tech products. Read More >>

eBay’s First UK Shop Delivers QR Code Purchasing to Wolverhampton

Global auction house eBay has chosen the glam rock West Midlands city of Wolverhampton to open its first physical shop in the UK as part of its year-long Retail Revival initiative. Read More >>

eBay’s Bank Holiday Deal is a Hefty 30 Per Cent Off Sound and Vision Tech

Had your eye (or even your ears) on some fancy tech to spoil yourself with this bank holiday weekend? I know I have. Read More >>

Ebay’s Doing 15 Per Cent off Tech (and Beauty and Home) Until Thursday

Ebay will be knocking 15 per cent off selected stores and some pretty quality brands, including Samsung, Tibo, Eve Sleep, Toshiba and Apple. Just pop in the code PERCENT15 at checkout. You only have a couple of days to use it though – the coupon expires on Thursday night. Read More >>

eBay’s Latest Voucher Deals Means You Can Get Nearly £65 off a Nintendo Switch and Super Smash Bros.

Buying a Nintendo Switch can cost as much as £280, because the console has been so popular there hasn't been much reason to offer any incentivising price cuts. Similarly the new version of Super Smash Bros. will set you back £45 by itself. But with AO's latest discount you can get both together for £260.10. Read More >>

eBay’s Doing 20% Off Tech Including Xbox and Samsung – But Not For Long

In most people's heads, eBay is a place to sell second-hand clothes and crisps shaped like the Madonna, but the company has been trying to establish itself as a more mainstream marketplace, including doing site-wide coupons. Read More >>

eBay is Doing 15 Per Cent Off All Electronics for a Really Short Time

If you've had your eye on a fancy new bit of kit from eBay, now is the time to pull the trigger – the site is offering 15 per cent off all electronics for ten hours only. Read More >>

A 1990s Crisp Packet is Going For £££ on eBay

A full, unopened packet of Primes crisps that expired 26 years ago (yes, that's how long ago 1992 was) is proving popular on eBay. Read More >>