Norfolk Nuclear Bunker For Sale at Just £29,995

A man is selling his personal nuclear bunker on eBay, as he's had another child and you can't really house a family of four in an underground bolthole or they get angry about lack of light, internet and so on. Read More >>

People Selling Official Coronavirus Warning Letters From Boris Vastly Overestimate the Worth of Junk Mail

Remember those letters that were sent out to households with essential information about the coronavirus pandemic, when we went into lockdown? They're now being flogged on eBay unopened for prices people have pulled out of their arses. Read More >>

eBay Has Another Sale, Offers 20 Per Cent Off Loads of Stuff

eBay is a big fan of doing these sales, where you can claim up to 20 per cent off items, provided you buy from the right people and deal with the specific caveats of how much or little you can expect to save. There's another one going on right now, and you have until midnight tonight to take advantage of it. Read More >>

eBay Has Partnered With Packlink So You Can Still Sell Your Old Stuff Contact Free

We're supposed to be staying away from other people right now, but that can be tricky if you're trying to sell your old stuff and make ends meet (or have something to do) during the lockdown. The post office is open, but that involves venturing outside into the coronavirus world. And you're not supposed to do that, even if your neighbours keep throwing wild parties. Read More >>

Aldi is Auctioning off Kevin the Carrot Toys on eBay Tonight to Support the NHS

Get yourself a bottle of wine and stretch that clicking finger - you're going to need it when Aldi kicks off the auction for a limited number of Kevin the Carrot toys on eBay at 8pm. Read More >>

eBay Partners With NHS on a New Website for Healthcare Professionals to Order PPE

eBay has teamed up with the NHS Supply Chain, Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC), and the Army/MoD, to create a new online portal to help ease the burden of ordering PPE. Read More >>

Cold, Stale and Potentially Hazardous Big Macs Spotted For Sale on eBay

A "used" box of McDonald's chicken nuggets has been spotted on eBay, as those fortunate enough to have purchased before the national shutdown attempt to profit from those who don't mind getting half-rotten chicken sent to their homes in the post. Read More >>

Amazon and eBay Are Trying to Stop Australians From Exploiting Coronavirus Fears and Price Gouging Toilet Paper

The Great Toilet Paper Crisis of 2020 has brought out the worst in many Australians and on sites like Ebay and Amazon, it's really showing as people continue to panic buy toilet paper of all things thanks to coronavirus. Looking to make a quick buck during the artificially created crisis, dozens of listings on the sites are selling toilet paper and other coronavirus-related products for exorbitant prices. Read More >>

eBay is Having a Pre-Valentine’s Day, Post-January Sale Because the Site Would Implode Otherwise

If you're feeling discombobulated in the wake of Brexit last week, know that eBay is a beacon of consistency in this shifting landscape with yet another bloody sale. Read More >>

Someone Talk Me Out of Spending £680 on Some Keyboard Caps

I need your help. When I get anxious, I like to buy things. I’ve been good about it for the last few years. I buy a sofa – because I need a sofa. Or I buy a new computer case because my old one is too big for the space where I’m putting the computer. Sometimes, I’ll blow money on a much pricier and more useless item. Keycaps. I love to spend more money than I should on the caps that go on a keyboard, and right now there’s a set of keycaps I would very much like to own. Read More >>

eBay’s Payday Sale Nets You up to 20% off up Until Midnight Tonight

It's payday! So time to fritter all those pennies away immediately, and eBay's going to help you do it. Read More >>

Facebook and eBay Promise to Try to Make it Look Like They’re Battling Fake Reviews

The Competition and Markets Authority has got some vague assurances out of Facebook and eBay that they're going to try to clampdown on the trading of fake reviews on their platforms, with the CMA having in their hands a piece of paper that says both tech businesses will attempt to better "identify, investigate and respond to" fake feedback. Read More >>

eBay’s Knocked 20% of Loads of Stuff, But Only From Certain Retailers

It's only just been Boxing Day, Black Friday, and all those other parts of the year where retailers decide to slash a bit of money off their products. Well eBay says to hell with that, it has another sale for you to enjoy - netting you 20 per cent off products from the right retailers. Read More >>

eBay’s Boxing Day Sale is Coming, and Some Deals are Already Live

It feels as though Black Friday was just last week, but now we're already concerning ourselves with the incoming sales for Boxing Day. They're never as good as Black Friday, mind, but that doesn't mean there aren't money-saving bargains for you to enjoy. eBay's sale kicks off on 10am on Thursday, but some deals are already live. Read More >>

Get 15% off at eBay Until Midnight and Give Santa a Hand

It's December 23 and - if you're anything like me - you still have a shit-tonne of shopping to do and eBay is helping out. Read More >>