Volt Axis Ebike Review: Luxury Cycling

The bicycle has really come on in the last few years. For the first century that followed its invention, advances in bike tech were slow and modest. A better tyre. A lighter frame. Gears. Exotic handlebar shapes. Metallic paint. The word "Grifter." Someone had the idea of putting a bell on and that idea caught on and so forth. Read More >>

Lime’s Ebikes Come to Milton Keynes for as Long as They Last

It doesn't seem the least bit long-term financially viable to leave a fleet of expensive electric bikes lying about the street for people to use at £1 a go, but that's what's about to happen in the UK's technological new town of Milton Keynes, where US scooter e-renter Lime is debuting a UK presence by bunging out a few to see how it goes. Read More >>

Have You Seen Timmy Mallett’s Electric Bike?

One of entertainer Timmy Mallett's later works is that of the character of an extreme cyclist, with the TV star taking to his bike to raise funds for charities while completing cycling marathons. Sadly, his current ride has been stolen while at home in the UK and he's appealing for help. Read More >>

Electric Scooter Road Test: One Week Commuting With the Mad Emicro One

The electric revolution is upon us, folks, as Edison might have said in 1896, but now that bottled lightning energy has taken to the streets. There are electric car charge points springing up around the UK like techno mushrooms, and the range of e-vehicles on offer has rocketed too. Read More >>