Internet Archive Ends Free Ebook Program Early in Bid to Stave Off Dangerous Lawsuit

Back in March, the Internet Archive launched its National Emergency Library, a program that made roughly 1.4 million books available to the public without the usual waitlists. But on Wednesday, the organisation announced it was ending the program two weeks early after four major publishers decided to sue the Internet Archive for copyright infringement. Read More >>

Publishers Mad About Ebooks Again, Sue Internet Archive Over Free Library Program

With schools and libraries closed, essential sources of education and entertainment have been cut off. That’s why, in March, the Internet Archive began digitising books and offering them for free without restrictions as part of its National Emergency Library program. The biggest publishers in the US are now suing the Internet Archive over the free ebook programme, citing copyright infringement. Read More >>

Parents Rejoice! Sesame Workshop Has Made 110 Sesame Street eBooks Free

If your recent transition to working from home every day was made all the more challenging with a house full of kids not able to go to school, Big Bird and his Sesame Street gang are offering a little relief by making 110 ebooks for kids absolutely free on all the major online book platforms. Read More >>

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An Open Source eReader That’s Free of Corporate Restrictions Is Exactly What I Want Right Now

I get it. The Kindle and its ability to shop for and instantly buy books anywhere using wifi or Whispernet are incredibly convenient, and it’s what’s made Amazon’s hardware the obvious choice for consuming ebooks. But supporting awful companies like Amazon is getting harder and harder if you were born with a conscience, and right about now, an open source ebook reader, free of corporate restrictions, sounds like the perfect Kindle alternative. Read More >>

Textbook Specialist Aims for Digital-Only Near-Ish Future

Educational book publisher Pearson is about to expend less effort and resources on printing enormous textbooks, as it's pivoting to offering primarily digital options that it thinks are way better anyway. Read More >>

North Korea Immortalises Leaders’ Thoughts in Ebook Form

North Korea is getting in on the electronic publishing scene, with the regime releasing an e-reader application able to parse one particularly must-read title – the complete thoughts and works of former leader Kim Jong-il and his father and the very first head of state of the nation Kim Il-sung. Read More >>

Ebooks Purchased From Microsoft Will Be Deleted This Month Because You Don’t Really Own Anything Anymore

Anyone who bought ebooks through the Microsoft Store is in for a rude shock in the coming days. The good news? You can get a refund. The bad news? All of your books are going to be deleted this month. Read More >>

Microsoft Nukes Its Ebooks Store, and That’s Probably for the Best

Big companies like to get bigger, and for many big tech companies these days, the clearest path to growth is increasing how much money generates with content services. That’s why Apple launched a whole slew of them last week, and why Google announced a video game platform the week before. Microsoft too has envisioned itself as a rival for your entertainment media dollar. So it sells TV shows, and games, and movies, and until yesterday, books. Read More >>

Ebooks Are Finally Real Books Says the EU, so the VAT Can go

The common sense police have finally concluded their lengthy investigations into the new and dangerous world of digital books and magazines, and approximately 13 years after everyone else has ruled that they are indeed to be considered real books -- so there's no need to charge the VAT on them any more. Read More >>

New York Public Library Makes Instagram Useful, Turns it Into a Kind of eReader

I don't fully understand why Instagram is so popular. I think I have an account, thanks to this job, but I've never actually bothered to use it properly. But it's a big deal to a lot of people, so everyone wanting to grab the attention of its many users is on there. Among them is the New York Public Library, which has announced that it's figured out how to turn the social network into an eReader of sorts. Read More >>

Looks Like the Kindle Voyage Has Reached the End of Its Journey

For a few years, the Voyage was Amazon’s flagship e-reader. While it was never cheap, its 300 PPI resolution and fantastic design often made it a better buy even after Amazon released the first Kindle Oasis in 2016. However, it seems time and the emergence of the second-generation Kindle Oasis have put an end to the Kindle Voyage’s run, because after supplies of Kindle Voyages dried up in the US, UK, and other major Amazon portals, it seems like the Voyage is being discontinued. Read More >>

Tech Hasn’t Killed Books Yet

For those unfamiliar, books are a collection of words that form some sort of coherent narrative, printed on paper and bound together. These objects are very much alive and well, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center, despite the fact that we live in an age where you can download the same information onto various pieces of technology. Wild. Read More >>

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Amazon Just Added a Really Handy New Feature to Kindles and Apps

As great as eReaders are, they still fall short of physical books in a handful of categories (sharing, page flipping, room decoration, smell, etc.). An Amazon update fresh out today should bridge the gap a little bit more. Read More >>

The Cheapest Kindle Just Got Better

Amazon has just announced some nice improvements to the cheapest Kindle. The price is still crazy good at £60, and the battery still lasts for weeks. (It also still has a middling 167 ppi display.) But it’s also thinner, lighter, and now comes in black and white. Read More >>

Good News, Digital Comics Sales Are Not Killing Physical Comics

Digital media has been cannibalising the sale of physical media for years—books are on the decline, magazines and newspapers are dying, as the world flocks to digital. You’d think comic books, where day-and-date releases are a given, digital-first issues run wild, and all-you-can-read subscriptions are growing, would be the same. Turns out that’s not the case at all! Read More >>