EU Fines Google £1.2bn for Aggressive Advertising Rules

The European Commission has hit Google with another fine for antitrust rule breaking, this time asking it to pay €1.49bn (£1.2bn) for using anti-competitive guidelines in its online advertising businesses. Read More >>

UK Given Final Warning Over Urban Air Pollution

The European Commission has written to the UK and the four other stinkiest-aired countries within the EU, demanding something is done about consistently failing to meet air quality standards in some urban zones -- or else. Read More >>

Sleepy Driver Alarms Could Become a Mandatory Car Safety Feature

Trying to beat the traffic by leaving at 11:30pm to pull an all-nighter drive to Cornwall or Glasgow or Wales or somewhere, like you're Richard Hammond doing a funny thing where he races the post train? The cars of tomorrow might be able to help, with new tech to check whether drivers are nodding off possibly about to become mandatory. Read More >>

Apple and Starbucks May Get Hit by European Commission Tax Investigation

The European Commission is about to launch a formal investigation into the tax affairs of Apple and other big-name tax-avoiders, according to rumours. As well as Apple, Starbucks is also mentioned as one of the naughty multinationals that could be asked to shows its receipts and working to the EU. Read More >>

Google and EU Ready to Call Off Anti-Competition Battle

The EU and Google might be ready to end their fight over the search giant's manipulation of results to favour listings for its own stuff, after Google suggested some alterations to its methods that seem to have gone down quite well with European Commission bosses. Read More >>

Optical Drive Cartel Suspected of Keeping Prices High

Despite the fact that optical drives are probably on the way out, the European Commission has announced that it suspects thirteen manufacturers of being involved in a five-year bid-rigging cartel in an attempt to keep prices artificially elevated. Read More >>

Google’s Getting Hit with a 400-Page Smackdown from the European Commission

The European Commission is the latest governing body to jump on the Google antitrust dogpile. According to the FT, it's about to serve Google with a 400-page statement of objections, containing a litany of by-now familiar complaints. Read More >>

Galileo Soyuz rocket
First Two Operational Galileo Satellites Blast Off Thursday

Will GPS be a thing of the past? The European Commission sure hopes so, as it's aiming to surplant it with its version, Galileo. The first two operational satellites will be blasting into orbit on top of a Soyuz rocket on Thursday. Read More >>

EU rural broadband fund
European Commission Puts £8bn 30Mbps-Broadband-Everywhere-By-2020 Fund On the Cards

More money for broadband can only be a good thing, I guess, but considering £8 billion has to stretch across the length and breadth of the EU -- don't expect to get too much out of it in the UK. Read More >>