IFA 2019: Withings Didn’t Forget the Move ECG – It’s Just Been Trapped in Regulation Hell

Withing’s long-promised budger rival to the Apple Watch is shipping. Back at CES, Withings gave us a peek at the Move ECG, an activity tracker that offered the same electrocardiogram capabilities as the Apple Watch Series 4. Nine months later at IFA, it’s finally available – but only if you live in Europe. Read More >>

ces 2019
CES 2019: Withings Takes a Page From Apple and Adds ECG to Its New Smartwatch

The Apple Watch Series 4 nabbed lots of headlines in 2018 thanks to its electrocardiogram (ECG) feature. Now, Withings is looking to follow suit by adding ECG capabilities to two new products at CES 2019. Read More >>

Every Doctor’s Business Card Should Have a Built-in Heart Rate Monitor

It’s now a standard feature on any fitness tracking wearable worth considering, but this is the first time someone has managed to squeeze a working ECG—or electrocardiograph—into something as thin and compact as a business card. Read More >>

Exmobaby Suit Will Tell You What Your Kid Is Thinking

Who in their right mind would want to interact with babies? They're dumb, they leak, they smell (on account of the leakage), and for all that noise, babies can't even give you a hint as to what set them off. But the new Exmobaby sensor suit just might. Read More >>