Amazon Attempts to Improve Alexa Privacy, Hilariously Fails

There’s a new Echo in town. The Echo Show 5 is a smart display with a 5.5-inch screen scheduled for a 26 June release, and it’s the first Echo device with a physical shutter to cover the onboard camera. With this release, Amazon is making some changes to how all Echos treat Alexa privacy settings. Users will now have the ability to tell Alexa to delete the current day’s recordings. Which sounds good at face value, but the proposition is more complicated than that. Read More >>

The Echo Show 5 is Smaller and Cheaper, But That’s Basically It

First came the smart speakers, which were bulky speaker-looking things that weren't exactly discrete. So the tech companies shrunk them down into something smaller that took up less space. Then smart displays arrived, with their weird tablet/speaker hybrid that took up a lot of space. Now those are also being shrunk down, and the Echo Show 5 is Amazon's offering. Read More >>

Amazon is Bringing Show Mode to the UK, Turning Your Fire Tablet Into an Echo Show

Over the past few days there has been some speculation that Amazon has a second generation Echo Show on the way, because the item is currently out of stock on the UK site. Bit of an odd way to generate rumours, but hey. That hasn't happened, but Amazon has revealed that it's bringing Show Mode, and the Show Mode Charging Dock to the UK. That's basically the next best thing. Read More >>

It Looks Like Google’s Making its Own Echo Show Competitor

Amazon is king of the smart speaker game, there's no denying it. Not only did it just announce a slew of new products, tech companies have been scrambling to make their own versions of the Echo. Now most of them have Echo-like devices they're moving on. Moving onto copying the Echo Show. Read More >>

Amazon’s Echo Show is now Available to Pre-Order in the UK

Earlier this year Amazon released the Echo Show in the US, offering an Echo/Alexa device that came with a touchscreen display. As is the way, the Show wasn't available in the UK when it first launched. Thankfully that has now changed. Read More >>

Google and Amazon Got in a Fight and Now Users Are Stuck in the Middle

Watching YouTube videos on your Amazon Echo Show is no longer an option. On Tuesday evening, Gizmodo received a tip that Amazon’s personal assistant could no longer play videos from the Google service. And this morning, both companies are confirming that’s the case, but for different reasons. Read More >>

Did Amazon Rip Off the Echo Show From a Startup It Invested in?

A couple hours after Amazon announced the new Echo Show, a touchscreen communication device powered by the company’s AI voice assistant Alexa, I got an email from a PR firm representing a company called Nucleus. The subject was salacious: “Amazon is out for blood - the Echo Show is proof.” I almost never reply to these emails, but the story this one told intrigued me. Read More >>

Amazon Has Officially Unveiled the Echo Show

There have been quite a few leaks regarding a new Echo over the past several days, and now Amazon has made everything official. Here's the Echo Show, an Echo with a touchscreen and camera. Read More >>

Details About Amazon’s Echo Show Leak Hours Before its Rumoured Launch

Remember over the weekend when we first saw pictures of what was supposedly a brand new Amazon Echo? That's right, the one with the touchscreen. Well rumour is that it'll be launched sometime today, but that hasn't stopped even more information from leaking. Read More >>