White House Press Secretary Is Probably Making Up This Crap About Alexa Ordering a Batman Toy

On Sunday, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders used her official government Twitter account to complain that her two-year-old had allegedly ordered a $79.99 (£58) action figure by “yelling ‘Batman!’ over and over again at her Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo. Read More >>

The Echo Spot is Coming to the UK Next Week

Amazon's latest product in its Echo lineup will be coming to the UK on 24th January. The Echo Spot is a smaller device offering the same Alexa-driven technology and will retail at £120. Read More >>

Amazon’s Next Big Thing Could be Serving You Ads on The go

Rumors Facebook is always secretly recording you have long refused to die, but it turns out Amazon may be the first tech giant to achieve the age-old dream of a total advertising Panopticon. Read More >>

Amazon’s Echo Buttons Are Now Available in the UK

The Echo brand isn't going to die anytime soon, particularly with news that Amazon has sold three times more smart speakers than Google (even though it had a very big head start). Well the Echo brand is getting a new addition today, sort of. Amazon is finally bringing the previously-announced Echo Buttons to the UK. Read More >>

the grand tour
Amazon’s Echo Just Got a Brand New Grand Tour Themed Alarm

Earlier this year Amazon released a Grand Tour themed alarm for the Echo, featuring Hammond and May arguing, plus Clarkson screaming at you to wake up. Not one to squander the marketing potential of the trio of presenters, it's just released a brand new one. Coincidentally it coincides with the second episode of Series 2 hitting Prime Video. Read More >>

Don’t Buy Anyone an Echo

Three years ago, we said the Echo was “the most innovative device Amazon’s made in years.” That’s still true. But you shouldn’t buy one. You shouldn’t buy one for your family. You definitely should not buy one for your friends. In fact, ignore any praise we’ve ever heaped onto smart speakers and voice-controlled assistants. They’re bad! Read More >>

Amazon’s Echo Plus Gets Close to Giving Us the Easy Smart Home We Deserve

Despite what you may have read, the Amazon Echo was never a do-anything smart home device. Sure it could tell you about the weather and maybe control your lights, but it lacked the under-the-hood hub capabilities that could make all your connected devices work together. The new Amazon Echo Plus offers just that. I’m not sure it’s worth it, but that absolutely depends on you. Read More >>

Amazon’s Echoes Can Finally Sync Together to Play Music Like a Sonos

It seems the smart speakers war is heating up, and Amazon is looking to stay out ahead of the pack. Starting today, Amazon is finally adding a feature for Alexa-enabled devices that will let you group multiple speakers together so you can synchronise your music across various rooms. Read More >>

Amazon Echo Now Lets You Automate The Ordering Part Of Gorging Yourself On Pizza

There isn't a machine to stuff the tasty circular food into your mouth yet, but thanks to Domino's, you can now order a pizza just by yelling at an inanimate object. The object in question is Amazon's Echo and the pizza will be whatever you want it to be. It does need to be set up first though, as it uses Domino's existing "favourite basket" to make the process quick. Read More >>

Surprise Echo Owners, You’re Now Part of Amazon’s Random Social Network

Since the Echo’s release in 2014, millions of people have given in to Amazon’s nonstop advertising and welcomed Alexa into their homes. Amazon’s original sell for the always-on, voice-activated device was that users could “ask Echo for information, music, news, sports scores, and weather from across the room and get results or answers instantly.” But in the last couple of months, it has evolved into something else: the hub for Amazon’s new social network. Read More >>

The Amazon Echo Just Got a Bunch of Features for Eurovision

Tomorrow is the Eurovision final, better known as the annual festival where the rest of Europe tells the UK to shove it, regardless of how good our entry was. Then all four countries get to pretend that they don't actually care - despite eagerly watching the whole thing from start to finish. To commemorate the date, Amazon has revealed a bunch of new skills for Alexa and the Echo. Read More >>

Amazon Has Officially Unveiled the Echo Show

There have been quite a few leaks regarding a new Echo over the past several days, and now Amazon has made everything official. Here's the Echo Show, an Echo with a touchscreen and camera. Read More >>

Details About Amazon’s Echo Show Leak Hours Before its Rumoured Launch

Remember over the weekend when we first saw pictures of what was supposedly a brand new Amazon Echo? That's right, the one with the touchscreen. Well rumour is that it'll be launched sometime today, but that hasn't stopped even more information from leaking. Read More >>

Amazon Has a New Echo That Tells You If Your Outfit Sucks

Amazon has a new Echo and this time, it has a camera built-in to tell you how ugly, or hot, your outfit looks. Dubbed the Echo Look, this forthcoming $200 (~£156) device has a depth-sensing camera that can take full-length photos and videos using just your voice. Read More >>

Amazon Wants Alexa to be Able to Tell Voices Apart

While voice recognition has made serious leaps and bounds over the past few years, it's still got a long way to go before it's fully secure. After all, what good is having unlocked virtual assistant if just about anyone can use it? It's a serious problem companies are starting to have to face. But now Amazon is actively working to ensure that Alexa (and thus, the Echo) can tell people apart just by listening to them speak. Read More >>