Vape Shops Arrive in Hospitals

Two vape shops have opened in hospitals in the West Midlands, and they're not even the slightest bit clandestine or underground. The vaping materials are changing hands in plain sight, there are signs up advertising their availability, and everyone is OK with it. Read More >>

Formula 1
McLaren Brings Fags Money Back into F1

The bottomless pockets of the tobacco industry are once again being tapped by the F1 world, with McLaren – informally known as Marlboro McLaren back in the glory days of both F1 and cigarettes – signing a deal with British American Tobacco to inject some cash into the team. Read More >>

Non-smokers are Getting into Vaping

A survey of vaping paraphernalia shops has found that pretty much all of them are breaking industry guidelines by selling their fancy flavoured electronic cigarettes to people who don't and never have smoked. Read More >>

Sorry Everyone, US Surgeon General Says Vaping Is ‘Unsafe’ For Youth

Today Vivek H. Murthy, 19th Surgeon General of the United States, delivered some sobering news to rebellious kids who think they look badass while completely obscured by a cloud of flavoured water vapour: e-cigarette use by youth and young adults isn’t safe. Read More >>

Teen Girl Burned on Harry Potter Ride by Passenger’s Exploding Vape

A 14-year-old girl visiting Universal Studios Florida was hospitalised on Saturday after another visitor’s vape device malfunctioned, “shooting a ball of flame” at the girl, CNN reports. Read More >>

E-Cigs Face Partial Ban in Public Places

The Welsh Assembly is having a little chat and a voting party today, with the Public Health (Wales) Bill up for debate. The wording includes provisions that would ban the use of e-cigs in public places in the vicinity of children, with schools, restaurants, buses and all other places where kids wait for stuff to happen to be declared nicotine-inhalation-free zones. Read More >>

This Is What Happens When an E-Cig Explodes in Your Pocket

An Kentucky man was sent to the hospital for second-degree burns last weekend, when his e-cig exploded like a firework in his pocket. And he hasn’t been the only one with such luck. Read More >>

You Can Now Get Pornstar-Branded E-Cig Vaping Gear

Porn star Jada Stevens, who the press release says is "notorious for her mesmerizing and amazing ass," now has a new string stretched over her sagging and beaten bow, with an ecig maker signing her up to release a custom vape tool. Read More >>

Smokio Review: What a Great Way to Get Even More Addicted to Nicotine

A few months ago, I agreed to review a fancy new vaporiser called Smokio. No, not for fun: it seemed like it was designed to help people quit smoking. As a self-hating smoker, I couldn’t wait to try it. Little did I know this gadget would actually help me smoke more. Read More >>

Now Wales is Banning Ecigs Too

The war on potentially hazardous forms of modern fun is really turning on ecigs at the moment, with Wales set to join others in England in banning the plastic chemical inhalers from public places. Read More >>

Another Blow for Ecig Smokers as Southern Rail Bans E-Cigarettes

Southern Rail has announced it is joining other rail operators and banning electronic cigarettes. Read More >>

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Vaping is Now a Competitive Sport Called ‘Cloud Chasing’

With vaping’s great popularity comes a growing competitive offshoot, complete with contests, judges, sponsors, and spectators turning out to see who can produce the most impressive plooms. Read More >>

Digital Native Kids More Likely to Start Smoking Ecigs Than Legacy Fire/Tobacco Devices

A survey into the horrific world of primary school age smoking has found that young kids are more likely to get their first lovely nicotine rush from an ecigarette than the real thing, with six per cent of pupils between the ages of 10 and 11 said to have tried one of today's modern smoking devices. Read More >>

A Vape Hoodie for the Sporty Smoker

Do you like looking like a nu-metal casualty? Do you smoke and/or vaporise? Don't we just have the garment for you. It's apparently the world's first vape/hoodie combo, and Fred Durst just bought eight. Read More >>

The Best Vape Pens for Every Appetite

Looking to get your e-smoke on? Well, why settle for an oversized vaporiser that can only handle oils, waxes, loose-leaf tobacco or e-liquids in isolation when one, little vape pen can do it all? In fact, multimode pens are getting easy to find and are quickly dropping down to double-digit prices, but the problem is that a lot of them perform like they were bought at a pound shop. Read More >>