Tidal Lagoon Sea Power Plans Should go Ahead Says Report

A review into the long-mooted possibility of concreting up parts of estuaries to create massive tidal energy generation schemes says it should go ahead, which is great news for fans of a planned project to build a lagoon spanning the Severn estuary. Read More >>

Scientists Want You to Be a Doomed Cow in VR to Make You Sad About Burgers

Researchers thinking up ways to make people care about environmental issues think VR might be the answer, with one team of academics building a VR experience based around being a small bit of coral and seeing how you like being stuck in a gradually changing environment that's out of your control. Read More >>

This Cardboard Table Tennis Folds Down into a Portable Cardboard Suitcase

The next time you're stuck at an airport waiting for a delayed flight, instead of turning to your smartphone to pass the time, just make sure this cardboard version of table tennis is one of your carry-on items. In just seconds it can be unfolded and assembled into a working ping-pong table, complete with a cardboard net, cardboard paddles and cardboard scoreboard. Read More >>

It’s Three Minutes to the End of the World, Say Doomsday Police

Last time we were this close to extinction Cold War nukes were the threat. Now its eco collapse ticking humanity's death clock forward by one minute, as "unchecked climate change" and existing weapons arsenals make it more likely than ever that this will be planet cockroach some time in the future. Read More >>

Toyota’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car Ready to Fail Miserably in 2015

This is the car currently known as the Toyota Fuel Cell Vehicle. It's the first production hydrogen-powered car, set to launch in Japan by April 2015 and around other parts of the world by later next summer. But does your local ASDA have a hydrogen pump? Probably not. Read More >>

Wind Power in CRISIS as David Cameron Plans Attack on “Unsightly” Onshore Turbines

The modern electric windmill industry might be about to suffer an enormous setback, thanks to rumours that our PM is about to go public with a dislike of "unsightly" wind farms and could fight the 2015 election on a promise to rid the country of the menace of the turbines altogether. Read More >>

UK Staying Nuclear as New £14bn Hinkley Point C Power Plant Approved

The UK's future electricity needs will not be handled by solar panels and turbines alone. We've got a new nuclear power station on the way, thanks to the government approving plans to build a third generator at the Hinkley Point station. Read More >>

Your Next Laptop Might be Made of Paper

We've seen laptop's made of wood, bamboo, carbon fibre and — most recently — glass. Now, a new plastic replacement based on recycled paper might be making its way to a computer on your lap. Read More >>

O2 Dumping Phone Chargers as Part of Eco Push

O2 has announced something it's calling the Think Big Blueprint, which is a collection of sustainability boasts that may or may not save carbon and stop the planet exploding for a few more minutes. One of the interesting tangible plans it's putting in to action is a decision to stop issuing chargers with new mobile phones. Read More >>

£762m Lost Because We Can’t Be Bothered With Gadget Recycling

Research has found that one in three UK adults has chucked an old gadget straight in the bin, missing out on an average £43.54 that could've been had if it had been recycled. We are burning £43.54 notes through laziness. Read More >>

UK Student Launches World’s First Bamboo Android Phone

A Middlesex University student, Kieron-Scott Woodhouse, designed his fantasy Android mobile, making it a little more interesting than many of the black slabs out there by wrapping in a bamboo case. After posting his concept online, a "technology entrepreneur" came forward to help get it made and sold. Read More >>

UK Prepares for Hydrogen Explosion (Dull Eco Car News)

Electric cars haven't exactly been flying off the forecourts of dealers across the UK, and now there's another eco technology on the way to battle for the incredibly small low-carbon car market. Get ready for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, which the government expects to hit the market in 2014 or 2015. Read More >>

50 Tonnes of Plastic Recycled Into Scottish Foot Bridge

The charming rural scene pictured above actually contains 50 tonnes of our discarded water bottles and sandwich containers, which were blended up and refashioned into this 90-foot-long plastic bridge. Read More >>

150 New Electric Car Charging Stations Launched by Private Company

A company with the descriptive name of ChargeMaster has flipped switches on 150 new electric car charging stations, with plans to get another 300 online every month until some 4000 are dotted about the country by the end of 2012. Read More >>