Ecuador’s President Calls Julian Assange ‘More Than a Nuisance’ as Country Realises It’s Stuck With Him

Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks and just a general shit-stirrer, has been living in Ecuador’s London embassy since the summer of 2012. But it doesn’t look like the country has a plan for getting rid of Assange anytime soon. And the president of Ecuador is voicing his increased frustration with the entire saga. Read More >>

Ecuador Officially Adopts Large Adult Son Julian Assange

Julian Assange, who has been living in Ecuador’s embassy in London for the past five years, is officially being granted Ecuadorian citizenship. What does that mean for Assange’s future? It’s still very unclear. Read More >>

Ecuador Can’t Wait for Adult Son Julian Assange to Move Out

Ecuador is extremely ready for its adult son and growing annoyance, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, to move of out of the country’s London embassy — as soon as possible. Read More >>

This High-Altitude Overlook Perfectly Frames a Volcano

It takes some work to get to Ecuador's Quilotoa Lake. Visiting the collapsed volcano requires hiring a bus or truck to navigate the steep roads, and a hardy constitution to endure its 3,914-metre altitude. Now a simple yet elegant platform allows a moment of meditative respite on the precipitous edge of the electric blue caldera high in the Andes. Read More >>

Julian Assange Will Leave Ecuadorian Embassy Bedsit… “Soon”

Julian Assange has confirmed that he's preparing to leave the safe confines of the Ecuadorian embassy and potentially hand himself over to the police, taking down his Joy Division posters and ending his period of isolation today some time soon. Read More >>

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Ecuador’s Mountains Look Beautiful From Space

It may look more like modern art, but you're actually looking at a the highlands of Ecuador seen from the European Space Agency's Envisat. Read More >>

Julian Assange and Eric Schmidt Had a Five-Hour Nerdy Chit Chat

A transcript released by Wikileaks shows that silky-smooth fugitive Julian Assange had a five-hour meeting with Google overlord Eric Schmidt back in 2011, with the Google man requesting the chat due to an interest in charting the formation and operation of Wikileaks in his forthcoming book. Read More >>

Embassy Cop’s Notepad: “Assange to be Arrested Under all Circumstances”

The bizarre case of Julian Assange and his Ecuadorian bedsit gets stranger by the day, with the latest twist coming from photos of a policeman's notepad as he stood guarding Assange's London bolt-hole. Read More >>

Assange Granted Asylum as Tensions Heat Up Between Britain and Ecuador

It looks like Julian Assange will be keeping the couch warm in the Embassy for a fair bit longer as he has now been granted political asylum by the Ecuadorian government, making his stand-off extended for an undetermined amount of time. UK officials, on the other hand, are getting a little bit antsy. Read More >>