star wars
Yes, Ed Sheeran Had a Cameo in The Rise of Skywalker Too

Did you know Ed Sheeran was in this movie? No? Well, okay, honestly that’s probably a good thing. But he is there! So are a lot of other people; the Disney trilogy of Star Wars films hasn’t been shy about folding in cute cameos. And while some were pretty obvious, there are at least a couple that you almost certainly missed. Read More >>

Ed Sheeran Is the Artist of the Decade and You’ve No One to Blame but Yourself

If it makes you feel any better, we think this is nonsense too. But we're old farts, and numbers don't lie. Read More >>

Church of Sheeran Approved by Local Council

Nice little Ed Sheeran isn't jizzing his money away on Teslas and jetpacks and whatnot, and is instead building a lovely little non-denominational church-type thing on the grounds of his home in Suffolk, for all his global friends of various religions to come and have a rest in, and thank their favourite god for making them mates with Ed and bestowing upon them his profitable guest vocalist appearances. Read More >>

Ed Sheeran Doesn’t Want a Lego Ed Sheeran Any More

Even Ed Sheeran is bored of seeing Ed Sheeran all over the place, so much so that he's decided to sell a huge Lego recreation of his own head that he's owned for a few years. Read More >>

data breach
Hospital Fires Worker for Looking at Ed Sheeran’s Health Records

Workers at a NHS hospital were reprimanded for their role in an extremely narrow data breach that exposed the personal information of exactly one person: Ed Sheeran. Read More >>

You Can Donate To Comic Relief Through Siri And Apple Pay

Every year, it gets a little bit easier to contribute to the very worthwhile Comic Relief cause – and this year, iOS users can do it via Siri and Apple Pay. Read More >>

9 Songs In The UK Top 10 Are By Ed Sheeran

Hearty congratulations to Coldplay, whose single 'Something Just Like This' with The Chainsmokers has broken into the Ed Sheeran Chart at number 7. Read More >>

People Love Falling Asleep to Boring Music Like Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith

The data nerds at Spotify crunched roughly 2.8 million “sleep-themed” playlists and came to the startling conclusion that people love to listen to boring music when they’re trying to fall asleep. Read More >>