This Edible Lamp Is Actually Good Enough to Eat

This lamps looks good enough to eat. No, really: it's made from a biodegradable plastic derived from vegetable glycerin and agar, which means that when it reaches the end of its natural life you can actually chow down on it. Read More >>

The First Cookbook That You Can Actually Cook Is a Deliciously Great Idea

This is the first edible cookbook in the world. It's such a great idea! A cookbook that you can actually cook and eat! One that ends as a lasagna! Can the world get any better? CAN IT? No, no it can't. Read More >>

Eating an Edible Helium Balloon Looks Like the Most Fun You Can Have at a Fancy Restaurant

The chefs at Alinea, very probably the best restaurant in Chicago, have cooked up a super fun dish that'll brighten up any dinner table: an edible helium balloon. Yep, the entire balloon is edible, right down to the string which is "obviously dehydrated apple". The balloon is filled with helium and you can either pop the balloon with your mouth and inhale all the helium whilst eating or pop it with a needle and eat everything sans helium. Don't do that, suck the helium and sing. Read More >>

I Will Only Eat Food That’s Covered in Edible Gold Spray Paint

Since the price of gold is like a bazillion pounds these days, I want to surround myself with as much of it as I can. So that means even fake gold, like this weird ass edible gold paint you spray on food to get flossy, is good with me. Read More >>