Benedict Cumberbatch Plays Thomas Edison in the New Trailer For The Current War

We’re all familiar with Nikola Tesla and his brilliant work helping to invent the electric technologies that we live with today. But did you know that there’s a guy named Thomas Edison who also helped invent some of that tech? If you didn’t, you should check out the new trailer for the upcoming movie, The Current War. Read More >>

Incandescent Bulbs, 135 Years Ago and Today

On January 27th, 1880, Thomas Edison was awarded a patent for an incandescent lamp. It was still two years before his first power grid would flicker to life in NYC, and Edison was living on the precipice of a new age. Oh, how things have changed. Read More >>

Intel Admits its Edison Computer Won’t be as Small as Promised

Remember Intel's Edison from CES, the SD card-sized computer that would run Linux and also sounded too good to be true? Well it was! Intel has admitted that the device will now use an Atom processor and be larger as a result. Read More >>

A Glimpse at Intel’s Future: Being Inside… Everything

Intel is known as a manufacturer of chips that power your laptop. Simple enough. But it wants—it needs—to be more if it wants to come along for the mobile, wearable, hybrid-fuelled world. Tonight, it gave insight into its ambitions. They're huge. Read More >>

Making Edison’s Batteries Charge 1000 Times Faster

Over a century ago, Thomas Edison developed a rechargeable nickel-iron battery, designed to power cars. Remarkably, the technology is still used by some people to store energy from solar panels and wind turbines—but now, Stanford engineers have tweaked it to charge 1000 times faster. Read More >>